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How to Batch Convert PNG to GIF Animated File Format? Best Method

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 25th, 2023
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Overview: The PNG file format is one of the most versatile image file formats available. It has long been used in web design. However, it was never designed with animation in mind. As a result, many web designers struggle with changing PNG files to GIF files. This article describes a few simple steps you can use to batch convert PNG to GIF.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to convert a huge number of PNG files to animated GIFs and you don’t even have internet access? Well, you’re in luck! Today we are going to show you how to use a handy offline tool called image Converter to batch convert PNG to GIF animated files.

User Query;

I’ve been working recently with a client who has a huge image library and wants to convert their PNG images into a format that will allow them to be GIF animated. I saw this post as research on the web and thought it would give a good solution to my problem.

Difference Between PNG and GIF Format

PNG stands for portable network graphics. GIF stands for graphics interchange format.
It doesn’t support animations. It supports animations.
MIME-type is image/png. MIME-type is image/gif.
Comparing the file size to a GIF, it is enormous. The file size is generally less.
PNG is appropriate for tiny vectors, images with clean edges, logos, etc. GIF works well for typography, screenshots, etc.
It supports transparency with elegance. It supports one bit of transparency in the images.
The extension used is .png. The extensions used are .gif and .gfa.
It is mostly used in image creation. Mostly used when animation is needed.
It provides thousands of colors. It only offers a restricted palette of 256 colours.
While not supporting layers or multiple pages. It supports layers and multi-paging.

Best Way to Batch Convert PNG to GIF Image Format

To batch convert PNG to GIF format, in this blog you will find such a solution, with the help of which you will be able to convert very easily and its name is the 4n6 PNG files converter tool. This tool works in offline mode, which means that you do not need the internet while converting, this is also an advantage, your data is not saved to someone’s server. This software comes with a demo version so that you will get to know about its benefits before purchasing this software, to use it, click on the download now button given below and this software will be downloaded to your system. And we have given below the steps to use it, with the help of which you will not have any problem.

Free Download

Instruction on How to Use PNG to GIF Converter Tool

  1. Firstly, download the PNG to GIF converter tool on your PC and then install it on your Windows machine
    png to gif
  2. After the installation, click the open button and then choose the PNG option in the drop-down menu and upload it
    upload png images
  3. After the uploading, you can preview your PNG files in software panel
    preview png
  4. Thereafter, hit the Export button in the menu bar and select the GIF option for the conversion process
    select gif option
  5. Finally, choose the destination path for the resultant files and then hit the Save button, now your batch PNG files will be converted into GIF format
    save gif images

Advance Key Features of PNG to GIF Converter Tool

  • With only a few clicks, change PNG to GIF files. You may use our PNG to GIF converter’s trial version as much as you’d like without having to pay anything since it is completely free.
  • This PNG to GIF converter is quite useful. It takes just a few seconds to convert an image to animated GIF format. It is fast, safe, and faultless. There is no need to register or install anything special.
  • Your PNG photos’ characteristics won’t change as a result of the conversion to GIF. This is one of the main features of our all-in-one application. We make sure that the photographs you get are of the highest quality.
  • It is a simple-to-use utility to batch convert PNG to GIF. For this tool, no further information is required; you may use it whenever and wherever you choose with ease.
  • Any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system may use to run the PNG to GIF converter program. So, use this app to convert multiple PNG to GIF format.


The general process for batch convert PNG to GIF to cover in the article above. We hope that you will like using our PNG to GIF converter and find it easy to use. Please get in touch with our technical support staff if an issue still arises.