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How to Backup Kunomail Emails in Various File Saving?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
May 23rd, 2024
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If you are wondering how to backup Kunomail emails? And if you have come to this blog thinking this, then you have come to the right place. After reading this post your problem will be completely over. Because here we will tell you about a very easy and less time-consuming process. After seeing which you will not be able to live without doing it. If you are troubled by this query.

So, let’s start this blog post by mentioning the user query:

User Query

“Hello, my name is Maria Hartman I have a very serious query that I want to backup my Kunomail data. Because once earlier my account data was deleted due to hacking of my account, then my data was not found. So from now on, I have to back up my data, so please tell me if there is any safe and reliable way.”

Backup Emails from Kunomail with Manual Solution

Kunomail being a desktop email client stores their emails with the EML file extension at a default destination in the system.

Now the question comes that it has been found that where Kunomail stores its emails but how to back it up? For that, you have to go to its destination path and collect its folder, and back it up.

C:\Users\HP\InspiredSoftware\Kunomail\EMails/Email Folders

Automated Method to Backup Kunomail Emails

Now we will tell another solution, which is a very cool solution, after seeing which you will forget the manual solution and you will not need to read any other blog. The name of that solution is 4n6 EML Converter Software. This software is capable of backup Kunomail emails in many different formats. This software is tested and tried and will provide you the accurate result. With this app, one can safely backup Kunumail emails, attachments, and headers to another saving without losing a bit of information.

How this software is used is explained below. continue reading…

Steps – How to Use this Utility and Backup Kunomail Emails?

1. Firstly, Download this Kunomail backup Software and install it on the Windows OS system


2. After that, click the open button and choose the folder from above mention destination path

choose folder

3. You can preview uploaded emails in different four modes

hex view

4. Thereafter, choose the enter option and click the saving option which you export them

exporting option

5. Eventually, select the destination path and hit the save button

hit save button

See how quickly we backup Kunomail emails. You can take backup its emails in different formats, even you can extract your phone numbers separately. So far we have seen how both the solutions are used, let us now look at the advantages and disadvantages of both these solutions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Solution

  • First of all, the disadvantage of the manual solution is that you can only backup in the EML file format. But with the help of software, you can back up any files in many formats.
  • Another disadvantage is that with the manual solution, you can only backup emails. If you want to backup attachments or phone numbers separately with it, then you will have to take the help of software.
  • If you need to move your Kunomail emails to another email client, you will not be able to do so manually. But with this utility, you can take directly to any account
  • If you want to back up the selected emails, then you will have to go to the software because in a manual solution you cannot take the backup of selected emails. And the software comes with advanced filter options, with the help of which you can also back up only emails of a date range.
  • The big advantage for forensic analysts or technical people is that if you want to view Kunomail emails in hex view or any other mode, then you can view them for free.

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FAQ’s about software

Question: Can this software backup Kunomail emails in bulk?

Answer: This software is fully capable of backing up emails in bulk.

Question: Can I take a backup of attachments along with an email with the help of this software?

Answer: Yes, you Can Back Up Email Attachments With Help From This Software.

Question: Is this Kunomail backup software installed in the latest version 11 of Windows?

Answer: This software can be installed in all versions of Windows whether it is Windows 11 or any other.


Backup Kunomail emails on a regular basis since they may include sensitive information and data. Backups allow you to recover emails if they get corrupted or lost due to a hard disc failure or a system catastrophe. We cover a few options for backup Kunomail emails in various formats in this article. You can swiftly backup Kunomail emails in numerous file formats with forensiksoft Kunomail backup software. It also allows you to quickly migrate .eml mailbox data to another email client.