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How to Unlock Word VBA Project Password? Easiest Methods

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 18th, 2024
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading

Have you forgotten the password of your word VBA project? Now you want to recover it, you have tried a lot, but you are not able to unprotect it. So there is nothing to worry about, in this blog we will tell you how to unlock word VBA project password. With the help of this guide, you will be able to complete this task very easily.

Well, an unprotected Word VBA password is a very difficult task. But if you follow our given step-by-step method, then you will be able to unlock Word VBA project password very easily. In this blog, we will talk about two methods to complete this difficult task. You can use any method of your choice.

Unprotect Word VBA Password Using Multiple Methods

There are only two methods available to unlock word VBA project password. The first method is for technical users who have little knowledge of VBA and its scripting language. If you do not have any knowledge about it, then you will have to use another method, which is professional software. With the help of this, you can easily unprotect the password of your word VBA files or reset the password. Let us know the steps to use both methods.

Manual Method to Unlock Password Protected Word VBA Document – Steps

  • Open a fresh Microsoft Word document first.
  • Then, choose Developer, followed by Visual Basic, or press Alt + F11.
  • Select the Module choice from the dropdown list by clicking on Insert.
  • Write the VBA code provided in the Module Window.
  • Press F5 to continue after that, or you may first click Run, then choose the Continue option.
  • Browse a Word VBA file that is password protected and contains modules and macros. Click the Open button.
  • Unlocking the word password VBA code will take some time. When finished, it will display the password needed to access the important Word VBA project.
  • To close the pop-up box requesting a password, click the Ok button.
  • Users can readily access Word VBA projects with full programming language using this password.
  • Then, choose Info, click File, and then choose Encrypt with Password.
  • Unprotect the password from the message box that pops up and click “Ok.”
  • Later, users may access Word VBA projects with ease without being prompted for a password.

Unprotect Word VBA Password by Using an Automatic Solution

An automatic software to unlock Word VBA project password is the only way in which you do not need any kind of technical knowledge, and the name of this software is 4n6 VBA Password Remover Software. The graphical interface of this software is quite user-friendly due to which any non-technical user can also use this software very easily. This tool unprotect the passwords of your bulk word VBA project files in one go, which saves you time.


How to Use Word VBA Password Unlocker Software?

  1. Download the word VBA password unlocker Software on your windows platform and then install it.
    unlock word vba project password
  2. After installation, click the Open button in the menu bar and then select the Word Files option in the drop-down menu. Then upload the Word VBA file with any extension (.docm, .doc, or .dot) to the software.
    choose word files
  3. After uploading, you can see your Word VBA project files on the right side of the software panel.
  4. Then click the Actions button, and then select the Remove Password option in the drop-down menu.
    remove password
  5. Finally, choose the desired location and then hit the Save button. Now the password for your Word VBA project has been unlocked.
    save button

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Solutions

  • It takes some technical knowledge to unlock word VBA project password using VBA code. However, anyone can use this software without issue.
  • It takes a lot of time to manually unprotect password from word VBA project. So, users should use the recommended tool to save valuable time and effort.
  • The manual technique enables password unprotected from individual Word VBA projects. To unlock password for each word VBA project, you must follow the same procedures.
  • The manual procedures listed above may be used to unprotect a word VBA document password using VBA code. But the software can also be used to unprotect Excel VBA Password.
  • Users have reported this problem on many discussion websites, suggesting that manual procedures are sometimes to blame for losing crucial data. The software, however, is a certain way to get unlock Word VBA project password.


In this blog, we have told how you can unlock Word VBA project password very easily and we have taken the help of two methods to complete this procedure. If you follow our suggestion, you should use professional software as this software is very advanced and you will be able to unprotect password from your word VBA documents in a very secure way.