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Quick and Reliable Way to Transfer AOL Email to Outlook Account

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes

Introduction: In this write-up, we are going to capture the query “how to transfer AOL email to Outlook” account. Hence, get the application and respond appropriately to this query.

Let’s begin this article with the user’s question:

“I have been using AOL Webmail as my primary email client for managing my data for quite some time. However, I have now chosen to entirely migrate to Outlook. I have attempted to accomplish this manually and discovered that it is not feasible to transfer all the info at once. In addition, I must upload my AOL emails, attachments, and header information. So, please offer a method that will make this process simple.”

AOL and Outlook are both widely-used email client applications. Currently, however, consumers transfer data from one platform to another. And we have had a number of requests to migrate AOL data to an Outlook account. When a user has to do such a task, there may be a number of personal as well as professional reasons that have arisen. Therefore, without further ado, let us get to the bottom of this problem.

Solution to Transfer AOL Email to Outlook Account

We are all aware that there are manual steps that may be taken to convert an AOL account to an Outlook account. However, as we can see from the query that was mentioned, manual solutions do not satisfy the needs that users have. The manual technique has a great number of inherent restrictions. When a customer only wants to move some of their AOL mail data to their Outlook account, then manual method is useful.

To resolve all the issues and restrictions, there is a solution namely AOL Mail Backup Software. It is the highly suggested app to transfer AOL email to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and earlier editions. Additionally, both using and comprehending the program is a really simple process. We are confident that utilizing this application will bring about the outcomes that you seek.

So, firstly download and use AOL to Outlook software on your computer. This demo edition is free of cost. With this app, you can test the complete working and features before investing anything. Also, it will allow you to convert some AOL Mail data to Outlook.


Steps to Transfer AOL Mail to Outlook 2019, 2016, and Other Editions

1. After downloading, run this program on your computer and choose the Open button.

click open to transfer aol email to outlook

2. Click on Add Account option.

click on add account

3. Enter AOL mail account credentials and click on the Add button.

enter credentials

4. This utility will load all AOL mailboxes on the left panel.

loaded folders

5. Now, click on the folders and check the preview.

check aol preview

6. Go to the Export option and choose PST as saving.

choose pst

7. Now, check the required folders, choose the destination path, and click on Save button to begin the process.

conversion process

The application starts converting AOL emails to Outlook PST format. Once you got the converted PST files, open them into Outlook 2019, 2016, and earlier editions.

What Specific Features Separate This AOL to Outlook Converter from All Others?

  • The Batch Conversion Option: The software comes up with batch conversion feature. This feature is helpful to transfer multiple AOL accounts data to Outlook account.
  • Create Separate PST File: The tool allows users to convert your AOL emails into separate PST file.
  • Transfer Email Attachments: With this program, one can easily transfer AOL emails to Outlook with attachments.
  • Convert Email Headers: Also, with this software, users can easily convert emails from AOL mail to Outlook including header information.
  • Check Out the Preview: This amazing solution provides the instant preview of AOL emails, headers, attachments, and other information.
  • Windows Compatible App: AOL to Outlook Software is compatible with Windows 11, and earlier editions.
  • Maintains All Properties: While transferring AOL email to Outlook, this solution preserves all the properties. No changes will be done with the original formatting.
  • Extract AOL Properties: With this software, you can also extract properties like Email Addresses, Attachments, Hex Values, and other information from AOL account.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Is it possible to transfer AOL emails to any cloud-based app using your software?

Yes, our software supports many savings. With this app, you can transfer AOL Mail data to multiple savings such as Gmail, Office 365, PDF, and more.

Is there any file size limitations imposed on licensed edition?

No, with licensed version, you can transfer unlimited data from AOL mail account to Outlook account.

Does the app supports to convert AOL Mail to Outlook 2019 account?

Yes, with this app, you can easily convert AOL emails to Outlook 2019 account.

I need to transfer selected AOL mailboxes to Outlook PST. Is it possible with this program?

Yes, the software loads all the folders on the left panel. Now, you can check the required mailboxes from which you need to transfer data.

Can I change the default location to save output?

Yes, the app allows users to choose the required location where they need to save the output data. This feature is useful to easily access and manage the output.

The Conclusion

When you conduct an internet search, it becomes apparent that there are several customers that need to move AOL email to an Outlook account. We have thus captured this query. In the above content, we have provided the most reliable and instant method to transfer AOL email to Outlook account without facing hassle. Also, the application is capable to migrate complete data in some easy steps.