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How to Save ODT to BMP Image File Format Easily ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 8th, 2023
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4 Minutes

Are you in search of solution to save odt to bmp file? If your answer is yes then, read this blog post. Here, we are going to mention best professional solution for accomplishing the task. By using 4n6 Document File Converter Software, user will not have to face any kind of issues. So, go through this write-up and stay tuned with us.

Steps to Convert ODT to BMP File Format

  1. Download and Install ODT File Converter Tool.
  2. Then, select required ODT files for conversion.
  3. Now, choose export option from the saving list.
  4. Browse destination path for saving output data.
  5. Click on save button to start the conversion process.

Let’s Understand this Issue from Users Point

User Query: Hey! I am Robin. Due to some urgent work I need to save odt files into some image format. Some colleagues suggested me to go with BitMap Image file format. As, it will help me editing the images without compromising with the quality. But the issue is I am not aware about any professional solution to save odt to bmp file. Also, I have bulk files that’s why I don’t want to go with manual approach.

Is there any solution available which can help me out in performing this conversion procedure? If yes then, please suggest. Thanks in advance!!

  • Robin, Switzerland

In the below section we are going to discuss about best professional solution which will help users in performing this conversion task.

Best All – in – One Professional Solution to Save ODT to BMP File Format

4n6 Document Conversion Software is best solution for both professional and non – professional users. It comes with so many highlighted features, which is beneficial for every user. With the help of this program user can effectively convert odt files to bmp format without having any hassle.


Users can easily save odt files in bulk by saving a lot of time. The amazing features of this application always attract users. Users will also get two versions of this utility i.e., a free trial version and a licensed version. In demo, version user will only be able to convert 2 odt file from each folder. For converting more files user have to buy the licensed version of the tool.

Let’s have a look on the features of this tool before jumping towards its working procedure.

Few Prime Benefits of ODT File Converter Tool

There are multiple benefits of this software. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Creates Output Data for every ODT file – This ODT File Conversion tool creates a resultant output data file for each ODT file uploaded.
  • Two Options for Loading Source Files— This conversion tool provides two options for loading source files into the toolkit. These methods for choosing files and folders allow you to process multiple ODT documents at once.
  • Bulk Convert ODT Files – Converting ODT files in bulk to BMP format in a single effort is possible with the help of this application.
  • 100% Safe and Secure Application – This utility uses cutting-edge algorithms to produce thorough and accurate results. Users will receive complete ODT file conversion to BMP format.
  • Always Preserves Data Integrity – This application makes sure to preserve data integrity while saving ODT to BMP image files.
  • Preview Complete Data – A complete data preview is available to users after loading an ODT file for the conversion process. This makes it possible to complete the task accurately.

How to Save ODT to BMP File – Step – by – Step Working Procedure

Follow few simple steps for completing this task without facing any kind of issue:

  1. First, download and install 4n6 ODT File Converter Software on your Windows Operating System. install application
  2. Next, select ODT Files by clicking on the Open button. User will get two options for loading files. save odt to bmp file
  3. Then, user must then choose the ODT files they want to convert to BMP format from the list. select required files
  4. Now, select the Export button. In the drop-down choice that opens, select BMP saving. select export option to save odt to bmp file
  5. After that, choose the location where you want to save the output data. Also available is location-specific browsing. browse destination path
  6. At the end, user have to click the Save button to complete convert ODT to BMP file format. save odt to bmp file process completed

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Bringing All Together

In the above post we have mentioned best professional solution to save odt to bmp file. Now, users will not have to face issues in completing this task. By following the steps mentioned above user will easily be able to complete the task. This software can be used easily by every user.

In case of any issue, contact our live support team. They are available 24*7. User can also use the free trial version to test the software. After satisfaction purchase the licensed version of the tool.