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How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Yahoo Mail?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 15th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to know how to remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail? If yes then keep continuing reading this informative write-up. Here we will discuss the top 2 ways to delete duplicate Yahoo contacts.

Yahoo Mail users use the Contact feature to store personal and professional contact details of their clients, friends, colleagues, colleagues, and all accordingly. But sometimes Yahoo Mail users mistakenly added or import the same contact twice or more then it becomes duplicate contacts.

Why do Users Delete Duplicate Yahoo Contacts?

Users want to get rid of duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail due to several reasons as mentioned below:

  • Avoid Confusion: Yahoo duplicate contacts may create confusion when you want to send an important email to a specific contact.
  • Save Quota Space: Yahoo duplicate contacts take up valuable space in your contact list and can make it difficult to find specific contacts accordingly. Deleting them can allow you to store more contacts.
  • Get Rid of Mistakes: Sometimes Yahoo Mail users may send emails to the wrong email address due to same-name duplicates.
  • To reduce clutter: Having too many duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail can be visually overwhelming. Removing them can make it easier to find the contacts you need.

Manual Method to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Yahoo Mail?

  • Login to your Yahoo Mail account and choose the Contacts option.
    choose yahoo contacts
  • Scroll down and select a duplicate contact from the list.
    select duplicate yahoo mail contact
  • Now see the details of duplicate contact and click the Three Dot Icon.
    click three dot icon
  • Choose the Delete Contact option as shown in the figure.
    delete duplicate yahoo contacts
  • Are you sure you want to permanently delete this contact? Press Yes.
    remove duplicate contacts in yahoo mail
  • Yahoo mail deleted duplicate contact successfully.

Note: Manual technique is capable to delete duplicate contacts from Yahoo Mail one by one. Even you will need to check each contact manually before erasing them, overall this is a time-consuming method.

Professional Way to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Yahoo Mail

If you want to remove all duplicate contacts from Yahoo Mail then this professional method will help you. You will need to complete 2 phases to delete duplicate Yahoo contacts at once. Let’s start now.

Phase 1: Export Yahoo Contacts to CSV Format

  • Firstly, log in to your Yahoo Mail account and choose the Three Dot icon to get more contact options.
    more contact options
  • Thereafter, choose the Export to CSV File option from the drop-down.
    export to csv file
  • Go to the Download folder and get the Yahoo Contacts CSV file.
    yahoo mail contacts csv file

Phase 2: Fix Yahoo Duplicate Contacts in CSV File

Download and install 4n6 CSV Duplicate Remover Software on your pc. This software is capable to fix duplicate contacts in Yahoo-exported CSV files. It is obtainable with a free demo version so you can test and use it before upgrading to the pro edition.

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  • Start Yahoo duplicate contacts remover and click the Open button.
    yahoo duplicate contacts remover
  • Use Choose Files or Choose Folders option for adding Yahoo contacts in the software GUI.
    open drop down
  • Thereafter, you can see Yahoo contacts in the software panel.
    preview yahoo contacts files
  • Select required fields to remove Yahoo duplicate contacts based on preferred fields.
    select contact fields
  • Choose Actions >> Remove Duplicate Records option as shown in the screenshot.
    remove duplicate records button
  • After that, select the required Yahoo CSV files to fix duplicate contacts.
    select yahoo csv files
  • Browse the destination path to store the resultant file.
    choose destination path
  • Select the match pattern from Exact and Likewise.
    select match patterns
  • Hit the Save button to start removing duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail CSV.
    save button
  • See the popup message of completion and press the Open Folder button.
    open folder
  • The software will open the destination folder so you can easily get processed data.
    output data
Note: Now delete all Yahoo Mail Contacts at once permanently (See FAQs 1) and then again import the resultant CSV file in Yahoo Mail. In this way, anyone can easily delete duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Duplicate Contacts Remover Features

  • The tool supports all Yahoo exported CSV contact files and allows to remove duplicate contacts.
  • Remove duplicate contacts from multiple Yahoo Mail accounts CSV files at once.
  • This software is capable to preview complete Yahoo contact details in the software window.
  • There is no size limitation to delete duplicate Yahoo contacts.
  • Freedom to enable required contact fields for removing duplicate Yahoo contacts.
  • You can browse a preferred destination path to store output Yahoo contacts CSV files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How can I easily delete all Yahoo contacts before importing the processed CSV files?

A: Follow the given steps for deleting all Yahoo contacts:

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail and click on the Gear icon.
  2. Thereafter, choose the More Settings option.
  3. Choose the Switch to Basic Mail option for switching account view type.
  4. Select all contacts and delete them permanently instantly.

Q 2: How to remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail?

A: We have explained the 2 best techniques to remove duplicate Yahoo contacts. Go with any method according to your requirements.

Q 3: Can I use the processed CSV file with the new Yahoo Mail account?

A: Yes, of course, you can use the resultant contacts CSV file with all Yahoo Mail programs.

Q 4: Does your software allow to delete duplicate Yahoo Mail contacts from multiple accounts at once?

A: Yes, Yahoo duplicate contacts remover can fix multiple Yahoo exported CSV files at once.


Now anyone can easily remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail account using manual and professional methods. Each method is available with advantages and disadvantages. For professional users, this is advisable to use Yahoo duplicate contacts remover instead of manual techniques to save valuable time.