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Methods to Open DBX Files Without Outlook Express

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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6 Minutes
Summary: Walking through the write up you will find methods to view or open DBX files without Outlook Express installation. Watch out the procedure carefully and follow the steps to avoid mistakes and view DBX file data.

The Outlook Express email client is a mail client launched by Microsoft but has been amended in the year 2014. Since then, working on Outlook Express has become a problem for many users, as there is no support by MS, if any query raises one have to look out to solve it on its own.

Outlook Express uses DBX as a file format to store its mail data, so, to read DBX file data one has to be an Outlook Express user. Without an Outlook Express account, it won’t be possible for a user to open a DBX file and so users are left with no option other than to Import DBX file data to another mail client such as MS Outlook.

Other than this problem, it’s often that if a user who does not have Outlook Express installed to their system wants to open a DBX file without Outlook Express, then there is no direct way to do so. Therefore, either the user has to choose the manual method, which is converting the DBX file to another file format or the professional method to complete the task.

Techniques to Open DBX file data without Outlook Express:

As mentioned we can view DBX files using two methods:

  • Manual Method: Import DBX file data to MS Outlook
  • Professional Method: Using an automated tool

Both the processes to access a DBX file without Outlook Express are described briefly with step-by-step procedure. Furthermore, advantages and disadvantages of both the methods are also provided to the readers.

Open DBX File Data Manually by Using MS Outlook:

To follow up the procedure you need to install both Outlook Express and MS Outlook and migrate DBX files from Outlook Express to MS Outlook. However, it is possible that the user needs to export mail data from one system to another. So, the manual solution is divided into two parts and thus, answers both the scenarios with complete procedure.

Run Outlook Express & MS Outlook on the Same System:

  • Install and run Outlook 2010, then tap on “File tab” >> click on the “Open” button.
  • If you’re using an Outlook 2007 version, go to the “File tab” option and click on “Import/export”.
  • Opt for the “Import-Internet Mail & Addresses” and hit the “Next” button.
  • Now, tap on “Outlook Express”>> select the “Import Mail Checkbox” option.
  • Click on the “Next” button >> “Finish” button and save all files in the inbox.

Run Outlook Express & MS Outlook on Separate Systems:

  • Copy Outlook Express Folder you want to export.
  • Run Outlook Express in your system >> go to the “Tool” menu.
  • Then, click on the “Option” button and tap on the “Maintenance tab”.
  • Now, Select “Outlook Express Wizard Dialog Box” and hit on “Stored Folder”.
  • To locate a file-storing location save the path described in the “Dialog box”.

Note: The process should be performed differently for Outlook 2010 and 2007 versions. Described as follows:

  • For Outlook 2010: Tap on the “Open” button >> “Wizard” >> select “Import” option.
  • For Outlook 2007: Click on “File Menu” >> select “Import/Export”.
  • After doing this, follow the “Run Outlook Express & MS Outlook on the same system” procedure.

Drawbacks of Using Manual Method to Open DBX File:

  1. High risk of data loss: The process may look easier but has a high chance of failure that results in data loss or file corruption.
  2. No bulk migration possible: Using this method you can only migrate one DBX file at a time which needs a lot of time in case of bulk migration.

Open DBX File Data Professionally Using an Automated Tool:

For the query “How to open DBX files without Outlook Express?” Many bloggers might suggest you to convert DBX files into PST, EML, PDF, or other file formats, but using a professional software is an ultimate solution to read DBX file data without Outlook Express installation.

However, you may find several tools to open DBX files without Outlook Express but as per expert’s analysis, 4n6 DBX File Viewer Tool is one of the best outcome to resolve such problems. The tool is loaded with great features and lets you view/open and even import/export DBX files. some of them are as follow.

Beneficial Features of the Tool:

  • The tool allows you to view DBX files in bulk.
  • No conversion: To access the DBX file without Outlook Express there is no need to convert the DBX file to other file formats.
  • Allow to access all DBX mailbox folders.
  • Provide an option of quick search using which you can search a file or email of specific username.
  • Advanced search option allows you to search files of a selective time frame.

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Follow the Steps to Professionally Open DBX Files in Absence of Outlook Express:

  • Click on the Download button and install the DBX File Viewer.

    download software

  • Click on “open” and select the DBX file or folder you want to view.open DBX files without outlook express
  • Use the “Quick Search” feature to search within your Outlook Express account (if any).view DBX file folder without Outlook express installation
  • Use the “Advanced Search” feature to search files from a specific time period.advanced search to open dbx files data in absence of outlook express
  • Preview your file data such as content, massage header, hex value and more.view DBX without outlook express

Using the tool is a safe and secure solution to view DBX files without Outlook Express. Moreover, it offers many amazing features and is capable of doing various tasks that will help you access your crucial data files.

Last Few Words:

This article assists you with two methods to “how to view a DBX file without Outlook Express?”. As per experts, it is suggested to opt for the professional method over the manual one. The manual method is free to perform but carries out high risk of data loss and damage. On the other hand, using an automated tool will help you with a lot of more tasks other than accessing DBX files.