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How to Import Zimbra to Thunderbird Desktop Account Directly?

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If you need to import Zimbra to Thunderbird and are looking for one of the best ways to do it, then this platform is yours. You might have come across this page randomly but trust us; If you give, your few minutes will be great and more valuable and informative. So, with everyone’s permission, let’s begin the journey.

One of the biggest hurdles when changing accounts, especially with desktop-based clients, is data. Well, if you do not know, then let us tell you that both the accounts support different file formats like; Zimbra supports .tgz and Thunderbird supports MBOX, which means you can’t access Zimbra TGZ files in Thunderbird due to compatibility.

So, keeping this important factor in mind, we offer you a solution that best addresses this situation and which will allow you to directly import Zimbra to Thunderbird. We suggest you learn this carefully as it is the most important thing in solving your problem.

Way to Import Zimbra to Thunderbird Account

4n6 Zimbra Converter Wizard, as the name suggests, this application is the best for managing Zimbra data migration. This app can automatically convert Zimbra TGZ to the file format supported by Thunderbird and saves all data directly in the account. You don’t have to do anything in this process; this app can do it by itself.

This application is reliable and efficient and can quickly Import Zimbra to Thunderbird with all the attachments in the account. On the other hand, this app guarantees the reliability of the data, no data will be tempered during the migration and everything will be saved as it was in the Zimbra account.

Now let’s offer you the full process that you need to go through to import Zimbra to Thunderbird. This process is very important to look at because by the time you run the tool you will already know what steps to take to achieve this goal.

Process of Import Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird Account

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1. To begin, you must first install the Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird Exporter on your Windows PC. After then, you must install the Tool by agreeing to certain basic conditions. Please run the utility when it has been installed.
download tgz to thunderbird converter

2. To load Zimbra data, first, click on the Open tab, then on Choose Files / Choose Folders.
choose tgz files or folder

3. In the left pane of the tool, you’ll see that all of the data related to the specified account has loaded. You may preview all of the folders after they’ve appeared.
zimbra emails header information

4. After that, go to the Export tab and pick Thunderbird from the drop-down menu.

select Thunderbird

5. Finally, click the Save button to save the Thunderbird profile location data.

click save

You can export your chosen Zimbra folders straight to Thunderbird within a few seconds. Your task is now complete.

Did you notice anything? There are only two tabs to go throughout the process and your job is done. Well, that’s the thing to be impressed with. But now let’s give you more reasons to love this app. We bring you some of its features and see what this tool can do.

Here is a Video that will Guide You Through this Process

Check out Some Features of Zimbra to Thunderbird Converter

1. Auto Detect Zimbra TGZ Files: This application can recognise the TGZ files you’ve selected in the folder/files option and import all of their data in the same sequence.

2. Export Selected Zimbra Mail Folders: If you don’t need to import all of the Zimbra TGZ folders to Thunderbird, you can simply deselect them. With this application, you can freely choose which folder should be exported and which should not. You won’t be forced to migrate them all.

3. Manually Select Zimbra Data to Export: What will you do if you don’t have the account setup and just have TGZ files and folders? Well, you can still import Zimbra to Thunderbird as you can also manually select the data from the device.

4. Get Complete Zimbra Data Preview: This application may be used to examine all emails and attachments before they are exported to Thunderbird. Here you can easily preview all the data. This feature is also useful if you need a compatible tool to access Zimbra data.

5. Browse Desired Location to Save Output: This app doesn’t force you to save your data in any default location. You can import Zimbra to Thunderbird in the location of your choice. You can browse the location from the tool itself to provide the destination path for the resulting files.

6. Include E-mail Header: If you want to see the full e-mail history and the path from which the e-mail originated, you must activate the option Include e-mail headers. By the way, it’s your choice; you can enable or disable it.

We finish by explaining the features here. We assume that they are sufficient to give you an idea of the capabilities of the tool. But don’t assume that these are all; there are many other functions that you can use for various purposes, and to know them, you know what to do.

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Well, Zimbra email exporter seems like the best tool to import Zimbra to Thunderbird. It’s easy to use, automated, and offers you tons of benefits. It has all the convenience you need while you reach your destination. Therefore, for a better experience, you need to try the suggested tool.