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How to Migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 6th, 2024
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4 Minutes Reading

Overview: Want to migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail? Are you looking for a solution to move multiple mailboxes from the account at the same time? If yes, you will find this article useful.

Gmail and AWS both are the email services, although they cater different customers segments. While Gmail is used for personal and business purpose, Amazon WorkMail is primarily used by business and enterprises that want a secure and scalable email solution.

Unlike the Gmail, Amazon WorkMail is designed to scale with the growth of the organisation. It can handle the increase of the mailboxes and the varying workload without causing you any issue. If your organization prioritizes strict, secure and effective email solution with integration capabilities within the AWS ecosystem, AWS WorkMail might be a suitable choice.

Quick Steps to Migrate from Gmail to AWS

  • Download, install and start the software.
  • Add Gmail account into the application.
  • Select IMAP from the list of saving options.
  • Enter AWS credentials and click Save button.

How to Move Gmail to Amazon WorkMail?

Gmail does not have any built-in functionality to migrate its emails to AWS directly. As a result, using a professional workaround is the only option to get the job done. 4n6 Gmail Backup Tool is the most reliable and secure solution to migrate complete Gmail mailbox data to AWS without facing any hassle. This tool makes it easy to transfer Gmail data, either in bulk or on a selective basis.

We recommend that you download the free version of the software to evaluate the functionality and features. Below, we will walk you through the steps to utilize the free trial version of the software.

Steps to Migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail

  • Download the application on your Windows from the button above. Then, install and start it.
    download the tool to migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail
  • Now, go to the Open menu and choose Add Account option.
    click open and add account option
  • Enter credentials, and IMAP Server details of your Gmail account. Then, click Add.
    enter gmail credentials
  • The software will now analyze your Gmail account and load all the mailboxes on the left panel.
    load gmail mailboxes
  • Now go to the Export menu and choose IMAP option.
    select IMAP option
  • Enter the credentials and IMAP Server details of AWS WorkMail. Then, click Save button.
    click save button to begin migration

The application starts migrating Gmail data to AWS WorkMail account. And this migration process will take only some moments. You will get a message notifying you of the migration’s completion once the procedure has been finished. Now, please verify the results by logging into your AWS account.

Explore Features of the Gmail to AWS Migrator 

  • Software allows you to migrate Gmail account data to AWS WorkMail in batch to save time.
  • Also, it has the ability to migrate selected Gmail mailboxes into Amazon WorkMail as per need.
  • Allows you to transfer Gmail emails, attachments such as image and documents to AWS.
  • It provides the preview of Gmail content, attachments, email headers, hex, and Raw values.
  • You can safely migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail including email header information.
  • Also, with this utility, users can apply filters to get the desirable Gmail to AWS migration.
  • You can download and run this utility on latest and earlier edition of Windows including 11.
  • During Gmail to AWS WorkMail migration, this utility preserves all the properties of your data.
  • It also allows you to migrate Gmail data to Outlook.com, Thunderbird, G Suite, and more.

The Final Words

It is no longer a challenging task to switch from Gmail to an account with AWS WorkMail. The 4n6 Software makes this process a lot less difficult. With the assistance of our solution, one can successfully do this task without experiencing any difficulty. The tool gives customers the opportunity to transfer all of the data from their Gmail accounts into AWS WorkMail, along with all of the attributes. This tool will not be subject to any restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can Gmail forward emails to AWS WorkMail?

  • In Gmail, go to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.”
  • Add your AWS WorkMail address as the forwarding address.
  • Verify the forwarding address in AWS WorkMail.
  • Select your AWS WorkMail address for email forwarding in Gmail settings.
  • Save changes.

Question 2: Does Gmail migrate emails to AWS directly?

No, Gmail does not have any in-built function to transfer emails to AWS directly.

Question 3: Can I move emails from Gmail inbox only to Amazon WorkMail?

Yes, with the help of 4n6 software, you can move emails from just Gmail inbox to AWS.

Question 4: What happens to attachments when migrating emails from Gmail to Amazon Mail?

All attachments are migrated simultaneously with emails.