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Expert Solution to Merge ODT Files into One DOC/DOCX Format Using 5 Steps

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 19th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

You may have come across an ODT document if you often work with office files. There is a possibility that someone shared one instead of a DOCX file. We’ll elaborate on what ODT Files are and How you can merge multiple ODT Files into one DOC File. There are so many users who are currently looking for a professional solution to Merge ODT Files into One DOC. So without wasting your precious time on the internet start reading this article.

What are ODT Files?

OpenOffice Document files have the “.odt” extension. Word processors like Apache OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer, which are comparable to Microsoft Word and Google Docs, are typically used to create these documents. A document created in ODT format is similar to a document created in DOCX or DOC format using Microsoft Word. However, A document can be created and printed using this information, which includes formatted text, images, hyperlinks, and page information.

A document in ODT format is an Open Document Format (ODF) document. There is also an OpenDocument Sheets (ODS) file extension for spreadsheets and an OpenDocument Presentations (ODP) file extension for slideshows. Generally, these files can be converted to other types of files and are compatible with other office suites.

Best Way to Merge ODT Files into One DOC Format

If you are looking for an automatic way to merge multiple ODT Files into one DOC and DOCX format. Then, use this 4n6 Document Joiner toolkit, because no manual method is available to combine all the ODT files into one DOC. Also, by using this automatic tool you will get the same results that you are looking for.

Free Download

Moreover, this tool is completely easy to use for users who are non-technical people and have at least knowledge of technical tasks. The simple and easy-to-use GUI enables the users to merge ODT Files into One DOC.

Simple Steps to Merge Multiple ODT Files into One DOC

1. Download the ODT to DOC merge tool on your system and click the Open button.

select the open button
2. Then select the ODT Files option from the drop-down list and then select the Choose files or choose folder option as per your requirements.

select the ODT Files
3. Now, the tool will start uploading all the selected files and folders into the panel.

click the Folder
4. After that select the Export button to preview the saving options. Click on the DOC or DOCX option.
5. The DOC Export Options window will open, where you can select the Browse option to locate the destination location.
6. Finally, select the Save button to begin the merge ODT Files into one DOC.

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Beneficial Features of this Automatic Software?

Here are some of the significant advantages that you will get after installing the tool on your Windows operating system.

  • Fast & Simple Merging Process: The software provides you the quick and simple merging conversion of ODT files into DOC or DOCX in just a few minutes by following the above-mentioned steps with accurate results.
  • Two Fold Options to Insert ODT Files: The tool offers users a double mode option to insert either bulk ODT files or single ODT Files using the provided checkboxes.
  • Set Destination End Location: With this utility, you can choose your preferred end path to save the restaurant files. Wherever you can store merge ODT Files into one DOC by browsing the location.
  • Maintains & Preserves Integrity: You don’t have to worry about losing any of your data since the tool preserves your folder’s hierarchy.
  • Windows Compatibility: The software supports all the late versions of Microsoft Windows OS. Also, available for all old and new versions of Windows OS as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: How to merge Multiple ODT Files into one single DOC or DOCX format within seconds:
Ans: Using this ODT to DOC merge tool enables you to merge bulk ODT files into one individual DOC format. Follow the below steps to combine ODT files into one word DOC file.

1. Free Download this ODT to DOCX merge tool on your system. Click on the Open button.
2. Now, select the ODT Files and choose the option to insert them into the tool’s panel.
3. Then, click the Export button and select the DOC or DOCX file option.
4. Finally, hit the Save button to begin the Merge ODT Files into one DOC.

Ques2: What is the maximum file size allowed for ODT files?
Ans: In this tool, there is no file size limitation to combine ODT Files into One DOC.

Ques3: Is this tool capable to merge unlimited ODT files after purchasing the full edition?
Ans: Yes, after purchasing the full edition of this ODT to DOC Merge tool. You can merge unlimited ODT files into any desired file type without any hassle.

Ques4: Can I merge my multiple ODT Files into any other file format than DOCX?
Ans: Yes, this tool provides you with more than 10+ saving file formats. You can select any of the desired file formats to save your merged ODT File.

Ques5: How will I get my merged ODT files?
Ans: After completing the combined ODT files into one DOC file. You will get an Open Folder button to view the restaurant files.

Final Conclusion

The article is perfect for you as it gives you the right solution to merge ODT files into One DOC or DOCX. There is no manual method for it, thus you have to go for a fully automatic tool for merging conversion. The utility works either in bulk files or selective combining. The tool is great and produces accurate results and provides you with a 100% guarantee of safety and security.