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Merge ODT Files into One Using the Best ODT File Merger Software

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 19th, 2022
Reading Time
3 Minutes Reading

If you’re looking for a manual method to merge ODT files into one. Then, we have to inform you that there isn’t a manual way to combine several ODT files into one. Users must use an automated tool to combine .odt files. So let’s begin the process of combining ODT files into one without spending any more time.

A Quick Way to Combine ODT Files into One

To easily merge multiple .odt files, free download this Best Document Joiner Tool. ODT File Merging can be done securely using this tool. To use this tool, no technical expertise is necessary, and no other software has to be installed.

Let’s now consider why users require to merge ODT files into one now.

User Query:

merge ODT Files user query

combine ODT files user query

As you can see from the user’s question above, they wished to combine many ODT files into one. Therefore, I don’t need to explain why certain users need to combine .odt files. Additionally, if you’re seeking the same thing, there are a few reasons why you would want to combine ODT files.

The Safe and Secure Way to Combine ODT Files Into One

This 4n6 ODT combiner tool was created with the specific purpose of merging several ODT files without changing metadata or file structure. Users may quickly and efficiently combine many ODT files into one with this tool.

Free Download

Steps for Combining Many ODT Files

1. After installing the tool on your PC, choose Open.

select open
2. Next, choose ODT Files and pick the files and folders you require.

select ODT Files
3. Upload the necessary system directories.

select folders
4. Next, choose Export and then Select whatever file format you like.

select export
5. To combine ODT files into one, choose Save.

merge Multiple ODT Files

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YouTube Video Showing You Step-by-Step How to Join Multiple ODT Files into One

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: How can ODT Document Merger allow me to combine files?
Ans. You must first choose Open and then click ODT files. The application then allows you to upload the files into the Double option before choosing Export. To begin combining ODT files into one, select save last.

Ques 2: When merging ODT files, how long does it take?
Ans. This ODT Document Merger often processes tiny files in a matter of seconds.

Ques 3: Is it secure to use our ODT Document Merger to combine files?
Ans. The utility is free from any viruses, so yes.

Ques 4: ODT files from all Windows versions may I merge?
Ans. Yes, every Windows version of the operating system is compatible with our ODT Document Merger. Our ODT Document Merger operates independently and doesn’t need any additional software.


Our explanation of how to combine ODT files into a single file on a Windows PC is now complete. You will learn all you need to know using the methods described above. When properly used, the offered strategies will quickly resolve your problem. We don’t currently anticipate that you will have any difficulties in finishing this procedure, but if you do, you are always welcome to live chat with a member of our support staff.