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Import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App in an Easy Way

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 5th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

Do you want to import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail? Because Windows 10 mail lacks an import/export capability, have you been unable to find a solution? There’s no need to be anxious; we’ve discovered a fantastic approach to achieve the same goal. Hence, Let us go on a little excursion to know what it is?

Windows 10 Mail is the primary email client that comes with the Windows 10 operating system, as is well known. This email client, unlike the previous version, does not enable you to import your email files. It does, however, allow you to add an email account. As a result, if you utilize an email service and want to access its data through a desktop client, you may use Windows 10 Mail.

An Instant Solution to Import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail

The MBOX Converter Wizard is the best way to open MBOX file on Windows 10 Mail. Due to the lack of an import option in Windows 10 mail, the tool will first allow you to import your files to another email provider before adding them to Windows 10 mail so you may access your MBOX files as needed. The following is a step-by-step explanation on how to use the software to import MBOX files into Windows 10 mail.
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How to Open MBOX File on Windows 10 Mail App? Complete Steps

  • To begin, click the link above to download the MBOX to Widows 10 mail import utility onto your Widows-powered device. Following that, install and use it to import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail.
    download the mbox to windows 10 mail import tool
  • After opening the tool, click the open tab, then pick Email Data file, and then choose either choose file or choose folder.
    click choose file option
  • Begin by browsing all of the files you need to open using Windows 10 mail and transferring them to the tool for additional processing.
    browse mbox file to import them into windows 10 mail
  • You should now notice that all of the selected MBOX files have been uploaded to the tool’s left pane. You may now preview your files before importing them if you like.
    preview mbox file
  • Then, select any email service provider from the export As an example, consider IMAP.
    select saving option
  • Enter your account credentials and then click the Save button to import all of your files to that account.
    click save to import mbox to windows 10 mail app

Your MBOX files have now been imported into your chosen account. You will be contacted once the work is completed.

Following that, you must open your Windows 10 mail account. Add the account into which you imported the MBOX files to Windows Mail and begin accessing your MBOX files. So, your duty is now accomplished. However, if you want to see some of the tool’s capabilities, you may look at some of the tool’s functions below.

Discover More About the MBOX to Windows 10 Mail Migration Tool

Mass Migration: The app can import MBOX files to Windows 10 Mail in bulk. Whether you have a few or a large number of MBOX files, the utility can transfer them all at once.
Inspect Your MBOX Files: You may use the utility to view MBOX files. This tool allows you to see a full preview of your MBOX files before importing them into the account.
Multiple Preview Mode: The feature allows you to look at a variety of items in addition to the material. For MBOX email forensics, you may see your MBOX file in raw mode or hex mode.
Multiple Service Provider Support: As you may know, in order to open MBOX file on Windows 10 Mail, you must first import them to a cloud-based account. Thus, the app allows you to import MBOX files to Gmail, IMAP, and other services, so you may select what works best for you.


Import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail in the most efficient and straightforward manner possible. It is only with the use of the MBOX file conversion software that you will be able to do so. It includes several features that will assist you during your data import process. The application also comes with a free trial edition that you can use to try out the tool before purchasing it. You may download the application directly from the page and use it to open MBOX file on the Windows 10 Mail app.