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Learn Experts Approach to Import Outlook Express to Outlook 2016, 2010, 2007

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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6 Minutes

Summary: looking for a solution to the query “How to Import Outlook Express to Outlook?”, then you landed on the right blog post. Reading this blog will solve all your queries related to data migration from Outlook Express into Outlook.

Before beginning up with the methods of exporting Outlook Express data to Outlook, You must know that Microsoft does not support Outlook Express anymore. Therefore, in any problematic situation with Outlook Express, users have to struggle to find a solution on their own, and so, to avoid such situations users are moving mail files from Outlook Express to MS Outlook.

Why to Import From MS Outlook Express to MS Outlook?

Outlook is a mail client service by Microsoft, that allows users to not only send and receive emails, but manage other personal data including calendar, contact, tasks, notes,etc. The reasons why users are shifting from Outlook Express to Outlook are as follow:

  • Outdated email service: Outlook Express was abandoned by Microsoft in 2014, that means no technical support by Microsoft, and thus, this is the biggest reason for Outlook Express to outlook migration.
  • Less Features options: Being an outdated application, Outlook Express shares very less features as compared to MS Outlook.
  • Technical Glitches: It is very common that Outlook Express users are facing technical faults frequently that result in data damage, on the other side, MS Outlook is a much safer option.
  • Multiple Errors: Outlook Express is old and thus, users face certain errors like sending & receiving emails errors, server timeout, unable to display messages or open file folders.

Methods to Import Outlook Express Mail Files to Outlook 2016, 2010, 2007

Outlook Express uses .dbx file format to save data, whereas, MS Outlook runs on PST file format. Therefore, to migrate from Outlook Express to Outlook, you need to convert Outlook Express DBX files into PST file format. This write will provide you with two best methods for completing this task of exporting Outlook Express data to Outlook.

Methods to import Outlook Express to Outlook:

  • Manual Method
  • Professional Method

Follow the instructions carefully and perform the procedure in the sequence as per the guidance to avoid errors while transferring Outlook Express data files into Outlook.

Manual Approach to Import Outlook Express files into MS Outlook:

Opting a manual method to export Outlook Express data to Outlook is highly risky as the solution carries many downfalls. Both procedure and disadvantages of using manual technique are below in the post. The manual solution consists of four(4) sub parts, performing all 4 procedures as instructed will let you manually migrate Outlook Express emails to Outlook.

Save Outlook Express Mailbox Data in .dbx:

Outlook Express uses .dbx as a default file format for saving mailbox data. Follow the steps to export and save mail from Outlook Express.

  1. Run MS Outlook and go to “Tools” >> “Select” option.
  2. Now, select the “Maintenance Tab” and hit the “Store folder” option.
  3. Copy the path and paste in “File explorer” >> “Enter”.
  4. Save up the DBX files to any storage as per your requirement.
  5. Past DBX files to stored location to new computer.

Import DBX Files to Windows live Mail(WLM):

To migrate Outlook Express data files into Outlook on windows 10 manually, you need a windows live mail account, as an intermediate between Outlook Express and MS Outlook.

  1. Open WLM and click on “File” >> “Import massage”
  2. Provide the path of saved Outlook Express files.
  3. Choose the desired files you want to export from Outlook Express to Outlook.
  4. Tap the “Import” button and import DBX files to Windows Live Mail.

Import Windows Live Mail Email to Outlook 2016:

To move data from Outlook Express to Outlook in manual manner follow the steps bellow:

  1. Start the WLM application and go to “File Tab” >> “Export” >> “Message Tab”.
  2. Select the “Exchange Tab” from the dialogue box.
  3. Then, select the files you need to export from Windows Live Mail to Outlook and convert DBX file to PST file format.

Import PST Files to Outlook 2016, 2010,2007:

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook >> “File Tab” >> “Import/export wizard” >> open “Outlook data files”
  2. Go to the location of saved resultant file and tap on “OK”

Performing all 4 steps you have successfully imported data from MS Outlook Express to Outlook.

Drawbacks of Using Manual Method to Migrate Outlook Express Data Files to Outlook Windows 10:

  1. High risk to data loss: Even an occurrence of a single error led to major data loss.
  2. Time consuming: The Procedure to import data from Outlook Express to Outlook is lengthy and hard to remember all the steps in sequence.
  3. Technical knowledge is necessary to successfully complete this task.

These are some of the major drawbacks of the manual method. However, Keeping all these drawbacks in mind experts suggest not to opt for a manual approach to transfer data from Outlook Express to Outlook.

Professional Approach to Import Outlook Express into Outlook:

As you must have noticed that the manual approach to export Outlook Express data to Outlook carries out various limitations,and so, you need to reach a better option. The best way to do so is to choose an automated tool for moving DBX files from Outlook Express to Outlook.

According to the experts 4n6 DBX Converter Tool is highly trusted software for accomplishing such tasks, the tool is an allrounder software and loaded with numerous features enough to amaze you. Follow the steps below to migrate from Outlook Express to Outlook.

Step to Import Emails From Outlook Express to Outlook Via Professional Tool:

  1. Download and run the software in your system. Tool to import Outlook express data into MS outlook
  2. Tap on “Open” and select the DBX file you need to migrate.import outlook express to outlook
  3. Then, click on the “Export” option and choose “PST” as a saving option.migrate from outlook express to outlook
  4. Provide the saving path and hit the “Save” button.transfer data from outlook express to outlook

This will convert your DBX file into PST file format and Now you can access your Outlook Express emails into Outlook without any hustle.

Key Features of the Tool:

The tool offers many great features some of them are as follows:

  • Easy conversion: The tool is able to convert DBX files to PST file format just by a few clicks within no time, and even users with no technical experience can follow the procedure successfully.
  • Exports emails with attachments: by the use of this tool you are able to import emails from Outlook Express to Outlook with attachments.
  • No size limit: the tool is capable of no files limit bulk data migration even with large sized files
  • Maintain data integrity: the tool secure data’s technical attributes and secure email structure.
  • Filter option: Provides various filtrations such as email filtering, folder filtering, customize option, and others.
Few Last Words:

The write up acknowledges you with two solutions to the query “How to Import Outlook Express to Outlook?”. Processes of both the manual and professional approach are in a steps-by-steps procedure, However, referring to experts advice, using the above mentioned tool is the best way for exporting data files from Outlook Express to Outlook.