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Migrate & Import Data Files from Apple Mail to Gmail

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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7 Minutes Reading

Many users intend to import their data from Apple mail to Gmail account and search queries such as “How do I forward my Apple mail to Gmail?” or “is it possible to import Apple mail to a Gmail account?” but are unable to find the correct method.

So, if you are Looking for a solution to move Mac mail to Gmail, then you landed on the right blog post. However, this article is the answer to all your queries and will assist you with a 100% working solution to transfer your Apple mail emails to Gmail account.

The write up provides the following information:

  • Discussion: Apple mail and Gmail
  • Methods to migrate emails from Apple mail to Gmail.
  • Best automated tool to move Apple mail mailbox to Gmail.
  • Key features of the professional tool
  • Steps to transfer Apple mail folder to Gmail using converter tool.
  • Final

Apple mail is a default mail client for mac users, it’s a desktop-based application which supports MBOX file format for data storage and can only be accessed in user’s personalized MAC system itself. There is no other way for a user to login and access his/her Apple mail account on other devices.

On the other hand, Gmail is a cloud-based email client that lets you login into your Gmail account from multiple devices which make it a lot easier and convenient to access mail files.

Thus, convenience to access their mail account from any place is a major attraction for users, and which is why, large numbers of users are migrating from Apple mail to Gmail.

Methods to Import Apple Mail Email to Gmail Account.

This article discusses two methods to accomplish the task of forwarding Apple mail data into Gmail. One is the “Manual method”, and the other is the “Professional method” (using automated software).

The manual procedure is divided into two parts, first is to configure Apple mail to Gmail account then drag and drop the emails file folder you need to export from Apple mail to Gmail. Step-by-step procedure of both the parts are mentioned below.

Manual Method to Import Apple Mail to Gmail.

First-Half: Configure Gmail to Apple mail.

  1. Login with your Gmail account and go to “settings” >> tap on “All settings.”Manually Import Apple mail to Gmail
  2. A new window must have appeared. click on the “Account and import tab” and choose “Import mail to contacts”.Transfer Emails from Apple mail to Gmail Account
  3. Now, provide the Apple mail username and press on the “Next” button.Move Email to Gmail from Apple mail account
  4. Enter the password for the provided email address and click Continue.”Apple mail data to Gmail
  5. Go to Import mail option and tap on “Start import.”Apple mail email to Gmail migration
  6. Finally, by clicking on “ok” will configure your Apple mail to Gmail account.

Second-Half: Drag and Drop method to import Apple mail into Gmail.

After configuring your Gmail with Apple mail, you can move your selected files to your required Gmail account directly just by drag & drop.

  1. Open your Apple mail account and go to Mail option and click on the “preference” option.
  2. Then, login your Gmail account by clicking on the “Accounts” option >> tap on the “Add” button from the menu bar.
  3. Open the Apple mail inbox and select the mails you want to export.
  4. Now, “drag and drop” the selected files into Gmail account.

After performing both the procedures in the suggested sequence, you will be able to transfer files from Apple mail to Gmail account manually. However, there are some drawbacks using the manual method which are listed below.

Limitations & Drawbacks of Moving Mac Mail to Gmail Manually

  • Time Consuming: The process can be lengthy while migrating files in bulk.
  • Trigger to data loss: while performing the procedure you need to be alert as even a one wrong step will result in permanent data loss or corruption.
  • No filter option: Performing the manual practice you won’t be able to select and export files from a specific time period.
  • Requires Technical Knowledge: Might be confusing for a user who has no tech knowledge.

As you might have noticed, using the manual method to complete the job of transferring Apple mail data to Gmail is time confusing and even put your email data to high risk. Therefore, opting for automated software is a smarter choice to finish off such exercises.

The professional tool is capable of importing your required data from Apple mail to Gmail in a safe & secure manner and saves your time. Additionally, this automated tool also provides great features that help out users with different tasks.

Best Automated Tool for Apple Mail to Gmail Migration

You may find various software that can be helpful in forwarding data from Apple mail into Gmail but as a technical expert, I would suggest using the 4n6 MBOX Converter Wizard.

It is one of the best automated tools out there on the internet that will help you out importing data from Apple mail to Gmail, moreover the tool is loaded with many unique features that make it a lot easier to complete the task.

Download Now

Some Key Features of the Tool

  • Data – filter option: the filtration option lets users export files of a certain time period by setting up the dates under which files fall.
  • No risk to data loss: Forward data in safe and secure manner including all attachments.
  • Allow to export in EML & PST file format.
  • Furthermore, let you migrate not only to Gmail but Thunderbird, Office 365 & IMAP
  • Maintain data structure and integrity.
  • Ability to bulk migrate.
  • Import file with attachments, contacts and calendars.
  • Also, capable of transferring large file.
  • Compatible with windows 11, 10 and all other version

Procedure to Import Apple Mail Email to Gmail Account using the Automated Tool.

Before proceeding with the automated procedure of Apple mail into Gmail migration, I would suggest you enable IMAP access via your Gmail account.

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Go to “Settings” >> “All settings.”
  • click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” >> “Enable IMAP”. once done tap the “Save changes” button.

How to create app password in Gmail account?

Follow the steps below for migrating Mac mail into Gmail:

  1. Download and launch the professional software on your Mac. 4n6 MBOX Converter
  2. Open Apple mail in source platform and click on “Mailbox” button >> “Export Mailbox.”
  3. Now, click on “Open” >> “Email data file” >> “MBOX files” >> “Choose files or folder” option. Import Apple Mail Data to Gmail
  4.  Browse and select the MBOX file folder you want to export >> tap on “Open.”  Transfer Emails from Apple mail to Gmail
  5. You can even use the “Advanced search option” to select email of specific username or time period. Migrate Apple mail to Gmail using Advanced search
  6. Now, click on “Export” and opt “Gmail” from the “Email services.” Import Apple mail into Gmail
  7. Provide your Gmail account credentials (username, password) and hit the “Save” button.method to forward Apple mail files to Gmail

Following the procedure in the same sequence will safely migrate your emails from Apple mail to Gmail in the same order as they were.

Final Words:

This article has shared information on the query related to “How to import Apple mail to Gmail account with attachments?” Furthermore, detailed description of both manual as well as the professional method to complete the process of migrating Mac mail to Gmail is discussed.

Performing the manual method would not be a good idea, as it can be a hassle for non- tech users. Moreover, it contains certain drawbacks that result in loss of data.

Comparatively to other automated tools, the above-mentioned tool not only makes your job of Apple mail to Gmail migration simpler and secure, but also amaze you with its abilities and great features.