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How to Print VCF Contacts in Batch ? User Guidance

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 6th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: This blog is all about how to print VCF contacts in any portable format.

Hey, I have a lot of VCF files with multiple contacts. There are around 1000+ contacts. Most of these contacts include names, 2x phone, 1x email, company, 2x address, notes. I need to print them out on paper for some official needs. How to print VCF contacts? Please suggest me a method. Thank you.

Are you also one of them who needs to do such a task ? Looking for an instant solution to accomplish this task ?

Yes, Keep reading this 4n6 blog and get this task done in a few clicks.

Way – How to Print VCF Contacts Files?

Introducing an Expert Solution: We have seen that each user has their own reasons for doing this. Therefore, we have developed a universal 4n6 vCard converter. This application is designed to meet all the needs of every user. You can easily print thousands of VCF contacts on any platform you need. With this solution, you can print multiple VCF contacts in any portable format. It has a very simple user interface so that any type of user can easily use this application without running into problems.

Also, there are no such formalities for doing so. You just have to follow a few simple steps that we will mention below.

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Check Out the Simplest Steps to Print VCF Files

Read Me First: It is suggested to download the demo edition and use it first. This free edition of the tool helps you check out the complete features and work. In addition, it allows you to print 10 VCF contacts. When you are satisfied with how the solution works, upgrade it to the licensed edition and print unlimited VCF files with multiple contacts.

ost to office 365

  • Once this program is downloaded on your computer, install and run it and click on Open to load vCard files.
    vcf converter
  • Select Files / Folders containing vCard files and click on the Select Folder option.
    choose vcf files
  • Then, you can preview your contacts information in different modes
    contacts details
  • Now, go to the Export button and choose PDF from the list.
    select pdf option
  • The solution will allow you to navigate to the location where you need to save the output. After selecting the location, click on the Save button to begin the process.
  • Now, your VCF files will be imported in PDF format and open PDF file any compatible application and click on the Print option
    print vcf file

Watch the video to learn the easy tutorial:

Does Your VCF Files Have Multiple Contacts ?

Don’t worry if you have a VCF file that contains more than one contact. This tool still works for you. We have developed this program to meet all the requirements of the users. It successfully supports to print VCF into PDF with multiple contacts at the same time.

This is not enough. The app also comes up with so many advanced features.

Read About the Highly Advance Functionalities of the Tool

  • Simple User Interface: If you are not technical, you don’t have to worry. This solution is very easy to use even when users are using it for the first time. Technical and non-technical users can print VCF files without any technical assistance.
  • Print Unlimited VCF Contacts: How many vCard contacts do you have? A thousand or more? You can easily print them using this wonderful application. This solution will allow you to print unlimited VCF contacts without any limits.
  • Check Contact Details: It is a perfect application that provides a full preview of your VCF contacts. So, if you need to know the version and other features of your files, this is possible through the program.
  • Choose Destination Path: This is the best tool to resolve how to print VCF contacts queries. The application will allow you to choose the required destination where you need to get the resultant files. This feature of the tool can help you to easily access and manage the output.
  • Maintains Contact Properties: This solution is 100% risk-free and designed to give you accurate results. When printing VCF contacts in any portable format, the tool retains all contact properties. We guarantee that you will get an accurate result in a few simple clicks.

Most Common User FAQs

Question 1: I have VCF contacts exported from my iPhone. Does the app support printing export VCF contacts to another format?

Answer 1: Yes, with this solution, you can easily print vCard contacts exported from iPhones and other devices.

Question 2: Does the solution supports printing VCF 3.0 contacts?

Answer 2: Yes, of course. This program supports all the versions of VCF files such as 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 etc.

Question 3: Can I use this application on my Windows 8.1 machine?

Answer 3: Yes, this is a Windows-compatible tool that supports all the latest and earlier versions of Windows.


In the above article, we have provided a definitive solution to solve the question of how to print VCF contacts. The suggested method is useful for all personal and business users who have VCF files with multiple contacts.

So, download the solution and get your query resolved.