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How to Get All Attachments from Opera Mail Account in Batch ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 1st, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

When we talk about the attachments, this is the most important piece of information in all email accounts, so it is necessary that we keep having a backup of them. But the problem here is that getting all the attachments at once is not easy and it requires the best method. So if you need to get all attachments from Opera Mail accounts then a solution is needed.

Hi, if there is a way to get all attachments from Opera Mail account at once, please help find it. There are tons of attachments in my accounts and it will take days of work to get them one by one. So please help to find the best way to do this.

This is the question that has led us to write about the problem and provide the most appropriate solution to all who need it. Looking at the query, we understand that the user is time tied and needed to get the attachments in bulk. We, therefore, offer you the solution that meets this need and saves you time. Therefore get it quickly.

Best Solution to Get All Attachments from Opera Mail Account

4n6 Opera Mail Converter Wizard is the solution that can meet your needs. This Opera Mail attachment extractor can get you out of your current problem easily. This application is easy to use, reliable and can get all attachments from Opera Mail accounts in a matter of moments.

We can definitely say that this task is made to be solved by this application. Now you must ask us why this application is better for this task and why we recommend that you use it. So let us tell you that there are many benefits to using this app.

And the first benefit is the process. It is so small and easy that you will find the best deal on the tool. This process will tell you how to get all attachments from Opera Mail accounts in bulk; therefore you need to have a look at it.

Process for Easily Download  Attachments from Opera Mail Account

  • On a Windows PC, install the Opera Mail attachment extractor.


  • Now Install the tool under the terms and circumstances listed below, and then run it after the installation is complete.
  • To begin, choose the Open tab.


  • To load data, go to Desktop Email Clients and then Opera Mail Accounts.


  • When you click on the configured Opera Mail account, you’ll see that all of the account’s folders have begun to enter the tool. When all of the folders have been shown, click OK.


  • Select Attachments from the drop-down list after clicking the Extract tab.


  • Select the preferred place for the Opera Mail attachments by clicking the Browse option, then Save.


After you hit the Save button, the process will start soon, regardless of the size of the data, it will only take a few moments and once the attachments are saved in your chosen location you will be notified.

As you can see, the process gives you an enjoyable experience; the steps are few and simple. This is one of the best deals on the tool. Now we recommend that you take a look at the other benefits. And for this, we offer you some features.

These functions can serve two purposes: first, you can learn a little more about the tool, and second, you can know what purpose these functions can serve.

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Check out Some Features of the Opera Mail Attachments Extractor

1. Auto-Detect Attachments from Opera Mail Account: This software is totally automated, as shown by the fact that the account setup with Opera Mail is selected. This app can easily recognize the account and load all its associate data in a few moments.

2. Manually Select Opera Files / Folders: This app has already considered all possible situations. What if you don’t have the account set up? You don’t have to be concerned about this circumstance. You may manually choose the files or folders using this utility so you can easily get all attachments from Opera Mail accounts in any situation.

3. Allow You to Extract Attachments from Specific Folder: No need to get attachments from all of them once all of the Opera Mail accounts’ folders have been loaded. With this app, you can choose the folders. You can select and deselect the folders so that you only get the important attachments.

4. Retrieve Attachments in Bulk: The main reason we suggest this tool to you is that it can get all attachments from Opera Mail account at once. You don’t have to select just a few attachments when you can extract them all at once in a single operation.

As mentioned in the heading, these are a few out of many functions of the tool. But we are pointing you to something that there are many surprises waiting for you, and in order to receive those surprises, you need to meet this tool soon.

In Conclusion

Opera Mail Attachments Extractor offers the perfect answer to this task. This application is perfect to get all attachments from Opera Mail account as it gives you so many benefits and it takes very little time to accomplish this goal. Therefore, to complete this difficult task in the easiest possible way, you need to try the suggested tool.