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How to Extract Attachments from MSG Files to Required Location?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Note: The focus of this article is on how to extract attachments from MSG files and place them anywhere you choose. So, if you’re faced with the same task, keep reading.

There are several reasons why users would desire to extract attachments from MSG files. These can include the need to have the attachments accessible from several devices or to store them in a separate location, such as a cloud storage service. Another explanation can be that the attachment includes crucial data that the user wants to access right away and without difficulty. Users could also wish to remove attachments from MSG files in order to share them with other users or free up space on their PC.

Whatever the cause, you will only discover the best answer here to complete this work.

Methods to Extract Attachments from MSG Files

On the internet, you will find several online, manual, or professional applications to extract email attachments from MSG files. Manual or online solutions may not always be reliable or secure when extracting attachments from .msg files. These solutions frequently aren’t built to manage the file format’s complexity, and they might not be able to effectively extract all of the attachments. Furthermore, because they could keep the files on their servers, online solutions might not always be secure, making your attachments susceptible to hackers or data theft.

Therefore, in order to get the accurate and safest results, it is always suggested to use a professional application.

Certified MSG Email Attachments Extractor

4n6 MSG Converter Software for Windows is the most powerful, amazing, and tested application. We have developed this application to help all type of users. With this utility, users can easily extract attachments from multiple or selective MSG files as per the need. Also, the application has a very user-friendly interface. Even the Non-Technical user will not face any type of issues while using the application.

When you extract attachments from MSG files, the utility maintains all the formatting and content. There will be no changes done with your original Outlook MSG files. Also, you just have to follow the below simple steps to get this task done.

Step by Step Procedure to Extract Email Attachments from MSG

  • First of all, download the free demo of MSG Attachment Extractor software.
  • Once the solution downloaded, install, and run it and then click the Open button.
    click open
  • Here you will find two options, click on Choose Files or Folders to browse your Outlook MSG files.
    choose files or folders
  • This application will instantly load all the Outlook MSG files on the left panel.
    loaded msg files
  • Now, go to the option Extract and select Email Attachments from it.
    select attachments
  • Choose the location where you need to get the extracted attachments and click the Save button.
    click save

You can see that the app starts extracting attachments from MSG files. This extraction process will not take more than a few moments. So, wait.

This is how one can safely and accurately extract attachments from Outlook MSG files using our application.

Export Option is Also Available

The utility not only enables users to extract properties from MSG files but also lets them store their MSG files to several locations, including:

MSG to Google Workspace

Outlook MSG to Yahoo


Outlook MSG to AOL


And more.

Now, Lets Explain Some Powerful Features of the Utility

  • Supports Bulk Extraction: You can easily extract email attachments from multiple MSG files at once.
  • Selective Extraction: With this app, it is also possible to extract attachments from selected MSG files or folders.
  • Preview Outlook MSG Files: Before extracting MSG attachments, you can get the detailed preview of content, message headers, hex values, properties, and raw messages.
  • Outlook Not Required: In order to extract attachments from MSG files, there is no need for a supportive application. So, if you don’t have Outlook application, no worries.
  • Maintains All Data: During extraction of MSG attachments, the utility preserves all the properties. You will definitely get the accurate results without losing a single bit of information.
  • Choose Output Location: MSG Attachment Extractor allows you to choose the required Destination Path. With this feature, you can get the resultant output at the required location. It will help you to easily access the extracted email attachments.
  • Windows Compatible App: This MSG Email Attachment Extractor is compatible with all the editions of Windows. You can install and run it on Windows 11 and other earlier editions.

The Conclusion

We believe we have answered your question on how to extract attachments from MSG files. The most reliable and secure solution is what we’ve offered. Users are always advised to choose a professional app if they have a significant demand. The accuracy of results from manual and online applications is not guaranteed. So, if you need to extract email attachments from MSG files, just download the app and get this task done.