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How to Export Visio to PNG Image Format in Bulk on without Sacrificing Quality?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 20th, 2023
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5 Minutes

Overview: In this blog, learn how to export Visio to PNG images in a few simple steps. Here, we will provide you all the possible methods to convert Visio files to PNG.


Let’s begin this article by outlining the most prevalent reasons for why it’s crucial to export Visio files to PNG pictures:

Why Export Visio Files to PNG Images?

  • PNG images are seamless, which means that when the file is compressed, no information is lost. They are therefore perfect for maintaining the quality of the original Visio file.
  • PNG files are easier to keep and share since they are lower in size than other picture formats.
  • PNG files are more accessible since they work with the majority of image editors and web browsers.
  • Transparency is supported by PNG files, which makes them perfect for producing logos and other visuals with transparent backgrounds.

Let’s move on to the methods to complete this assignment after describing the typical causes.

After describing the typical causes, let’s move on to the solutions for finishing this task.

How to Export Visio to PNG Files Manually?

Follow the below steps to manually convert Visio files to PNG images:

  • Step 1. Open the File menu in Microsoft Visio.
  • Step 2. Click the “File” option and choose “Save As”.
  • Step 3. Choose “PNG” images from the list of available file types.
  • Step 4.  Give this file a name and click the “Save” button.
  • Step 5. This file will be saved as a PNG file.

By following the above simple steps, it is possible to export Visio files to PNG format manually.

Limitations of Manual Procedure

The manual process has so many limitations including:

  • It will take a long to manually convert Visio files into PNG format because batch conversion is not possible. You can to follow manual steps again and again for each file.
  • As you could accidentally choose the incorrect file format or neglect to save the file after exporting, manual exporting is also prone to mistakes.
  • Also, manual converting Visio files to PNG format required technical knowledge.
  • The manual process require supportive application to export Visio files into PNG format.

Similar to this, manual processes have a lot of other drawbacks. Only some Visio files may be converted using this method into PNG format. However, using a professional program is advised if you have a lot of Visio files.

How to Professionally Convert Visio Files to PNG?

Free download 4n6 File Converter Software on Windows computer to safely convert Visio files into PNG format accurately. With this software, one can easily export Visio to PNG images in bulk. You don’t have to browse and select your Visio files one by one. This Visio to PNG Converter has a very simple user interface. Both, technical and Non-technical users can easily use this application without facing hassle.

When exporting Visio to PNG images, this application maintains all the properties. There will be no changes done to the original formatting of Visio files. Also, you can easily export Visio to PNG in a few simple steps.

Step by Step Process to Export Visio Files into PNG

  • Firstly, download Visio to PNG Converter on your Windows machine.
  • Install the application properly, run it and click the Open button.
    click open button
  • Now, choose Document Files and select Visio files here.
    choose document file
  • Click on Choose Files or Choose Folders option to browse your Visio files.
  • The application instantly load all the Visio files on the left panel.
  • Click on the loaded Visio files and preview content and other properties.
  • Now, go to Export tab and choose PNG as image file format.
    choose png format
  • Choose the Destination Path and click the Save button to begin the process.
    click save to export visio to png

The application starts exporting Visio files into PNG format. This conversion process will only take a few moments. Wait until you get the completion message.

Valuable Features of Visio to PNG Converter

  • An All-In-One Application: It is a complete solution available for users. With this application, it is also possible to export other document files such as Word Files, PDF files and more. Now, safely convert PDF files to PNG, and more.
  • Batch Conversion is Possible: With this application, you can export multiple Visio files to PNG format. You don’t have to select Visio files one by one to perform the conversion.
  • Selective Conversion is Possible: With this Visio to PNG Converter app, you can perform the selective conversion. The application allows you to browse only those Visio files you need to convert into PNG image format.
  • Preview Your Visio Files: The application provides the detailed preview of Visio files before the conversion. With this app, you can preview your content, headers, and other information easily.
  • Choose Output Location: With Visio to PNG Converter, you can choose the location where you need to save output. This feature will help you to access your resultant files easily.
  • Extract Option is Available: In this software, extraction feature is available. With this feature, you can extract email addresses, email attachments, phone numbers, and other properties.
  • All Windows Compatible Machine: The application is compatible with all the latest and earlier version of Windows. You can download and run the app on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and earlier versions.

The Conclusion  

In the above content, we have explained how to export Visio to PNG images manually or professionally. Using the recommended ways, it is possible to convert Visio files into PNG. But, manual procedure contains several limitations. So, avoid all the limitations using professional software.