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How to Export MDaemon Contacts to vCard / VCF Format Easily ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 3rd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Note: This article is all about how to export MDaemon contacts to vCard format.

Sometimes the need arises when a user needs to export contacts from their currently used application. Yesterday, we received a query in which a customer requested for a solution to export contacts from their MDaemon application.

Let’s have a look at the query.

Hi, I am running a small business where I use the MDaemon app to manage my email data. Now for some official purpose I need to export the contacts of multiple MDaemon users to the vCard format. I have searched for a solution but did not find anyone. This task is very urgent. Please provide me with a solution that supports exporting MDaemon contacts to vCard format in one go. Waiting for your response

After receiving the above request, we suggested the 4n6 MDaemon Converter Wizard. We have specially developed this application to solve all types of queries related to MDaemon conversion.

We are writing this blog to help all those users who need to perform such a task in a few clicks.

So, keep reading the article to get the complete procedure.

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Steps to Export MDaemon Contacts to vCard 2.1, 3.0, 4.0

Tip: We have added a FREE demo functionality with this app. Therefore, it is recommended to use the demo version first to check the working and functionalities before investing anything. It also helps you export 10 contacts to vCard format. Once you are satisfied with how the tool works, upgrade it to the licensed edition.

download mdaemon contacts to outlook tool

  • After downloading, run and install and choose Open tab.select open button
  • The tool will give you the dual mode option to upload MDaemon contacts, such as Choose folders / Choose files.
  • Click on Choose Folder option to load complete folder.

Select MDaemon Folders or Files

    • Click on Choose Files to load MDaemon AddrBook.mrk file.

Select MDaemon Folders or Files

  • Now, go to Export option and choose vCard as file saving option.choose vcard
  • Check the required folders from which you need to export contacts.choose location
  • Choose the required location and vCard version.Click Save
  • Finally, click on Save button to begin the process.Click Save
  • That’s it. The tool begins to export contacts from MDaemon to the vCard file format. This process will take only a few minutes. Please wait.

Watch Video Tutorial:

Contact Us for Any Help

Well 4n6 software has a very self-explanatory interface. Both technical and non-technical user can easily use this app without facing trouble. But if you need any suggestions or have problems using our tool, please feel free to contact us.

Also, MDaemon Contacts to vCard Converter is fully tested and risk free. We assure you that this application will give you a 100% accurate and safe result.

Advance Features of MDaemon Contacts to vCard Tool

  • Self-Explanatory Interface: We have designed this application with all types of users in mind. This software has a very simple graphical user interface. Even non-technical users can easily operate this application without the help of any experts.
  • Export Unlimited Contacts: This application has no file size limitation. With this tool, you can easily export unlimited MDaemon contact files to vCard format without any hassle.
  • Supports All Edition of vCard: This software is compatible with all versions of the vCard file. When exporting MDaemon contacts to vCard format, the tool will allow you to select the vCard version. You can easily choose vCard versions 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0.
  • Export Multiple MDaemon Users: Do you want to export multiple MDaemon user contacts to vCard format? If yes, then it is possible with this app. It allows you to export multiple user contacts at the same time. With this feature, you can save time and effort.
  • Maintains All Properties: When exporting MDaemon AddrBook.mrk to vCard format, the tool will keep all properties of your contacts. Either way, you will get the exact result as no changes have been made to the original formatting.
  • Choose the Required Location: Where do you want to get vCard files? The tool will ask you to select your desired location. Using this function, you can save the output vCard files in the desired location. This feature helps you easily access and manage your output.

Frequently Asked Queries

Question 1: I need to export multiple MDaemon AddrBook.mrk files to vCard format. However, I don’t have an MDaemon application. Will the tool still work for me?

Answer 1: Yes, of course. The tool does not require any supporting application to export MDaemon contacts to vCard format.

Question 2: I am using Windows 8.1 machine. Can I use this application on it?

Answer 2: Yes, MDaemon contacts to vCard tool is compatible with every latest and older edition of Windows.

Question 3: How much time your software will take to export multiple users contacts?

Answer 3: It’s the fastest tool that takes just a few moments, even if you’re exporting thousands of MDaemon AddrBook.mrk files to vCard format.

Question 4: Is there a file size limit for the licensed edition?

Answer 4: No, using the licensed edition, you can export unlimited MDaemon contacts without any limits.

Question 5: Can I use this tool to create a single VCF file of all my MDaemon contacts?

Answer 5: Yes, when exporting contacts, the tool will give you the option to check the “Generate single VCF file for all contacts” checkbox.

The Conclusion

Congratulations. How to export MDaemon contacts to vCard format has been resolved above. Here, we have provided the most reliable and all-in-one tool to export MDaemon contacts folders / files to vCard format along with all properties.

So, if you are one of those who need to complete such a task, download the application and get a solution to your query in a few clicks.

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