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How to Export HTML File to ODT Format – Get Best Tips

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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Quick Summary: Are you guys facing issues in completing the process to export html to odt file? If yes, then this is the right place to get the correct solution for solving this issue. Stay tuned with us and read complete blog for more information.

So, let’s get started!!

What is ODT File Format ?

ODT is an open source text document associated with OpenOffice and StarOffice. This file extension supports almost all the operating systems. ODT files can contain documents and it also allows content format options. These files are similar to Microsoft Word .DOCX files.

User Query: Hey! I am Natasha. I work in Multi National Company as a SEO Executive. I have few html files which I wanted to export into ODT format. As I have to forward it to my boss. But due to some issues I am unable to find the best solution for accomplishing the task. Is there any solution available to export html to odt file? If yes, then please help me out from this issue asap. Thanks in advance!!

  • Natasha, India

Just like the above user there are many who wants to get the solution for solving the process of how to convert html to odt file. Many users understand the advantages of ODT files, that’s why they want to convert them to a dependable format. We will provide you all the important information to assist you in accomplishing this conversion task.

What are the Ways to Export HTML to ODT File Format ?

There are two ways through which user can perform this task. They are mentioned below:

  1. By Using Online Applications
  2. By Using Third – Party Professional Software

Export HTML File to ODT Format by Using Online Applications

There are many online applications available in the market. But there is no surety that user will get correct output data. Also, online applications does not support exporting bulk html files. If user chooses to convert html files one by one then, it will take a lot of time. For saving time and efforts it is better not to go with these online applications.

It will be better for the user to opt professional solution for accomplishing the task of convert HTML to ODT file. Below, we have mentioned best software for our users which will provide them hassle – free solution.

Best Professional Solution to Convert HTML to ODT File – Direct Approach

The 4n6 team launched a HTML File Converter Tool for every technical and non – technical users. For those users who want to export data in bulk or in part, this software is more effective. Also, it has a unique and easy-to-use user interface that makes it best for the users. As there is no need to learn any kind of special technical skills for operating it.


The software has sophisticated algorithms which makes it different from other products. In the below section, we are going to mention some more features of the tool.

Some Fascinating Features of Document Conversion Software

There are multiple amazing features of this tool. Let’s have a look on some of them:

  • The app uses best technology to batch export HTML to ODT files.
  • The tool also provides you with the option to convert a single HTML file if necessary.
  • In contrast, the software offers a free trial version so you can see how it works. Therefore, users can test the demo version and then buy the licensed edition if they’re satisfied.
  • Multiple HTML files can be converted to ODT format using this HTML file converter without any information being lost. Users will always receive their resultant email in the same text font because it always supports a variety of text fonts.
  • The output data from this conversion program is saved on the user’s desktop, but they can browse and change the destination route accordingly.

How to Export HTML to ODT File Format – Step – by – Step Solution

Follow the below – mentioned steps for completing this task in best possible manner.

  1. Firstly, user have to download the tool. Then install and run 4n6 Document Converter Application on your Windows Operating System. install application
  2. Now, click on Open button and select HTML files from the drop down list. export html file to odt file
  3. Thereafter, user have to select all the desired html files which they want to convert into further file formats. select required files
  4. After that, select export option and click on the ODT file saving option from the list. select export option to export html to odt file
  5. After selecting export option, user will have to browse the destination path for saving resultant data. browse destination path
  6. Finally, click on the Save button to complete process of how to export html to odt file. export html to odt file
  7. After completion of the task, user will get a box showing demo limitation of the tool. conversion process completed

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Let’s Conclude this Blog

The process of export html to odt file is not a bulky task. But doing it in a right manner using right solution is very important. In the above blog post we have mentioned best solution for our users. Using professional solution is best for both technical and non – technical users. Instead of wasting time in online application, it is better to go with the professional solution.

We hope users will not have to face any kind of issues after reading this post. If still issue exists contact our live support team via email. They will help you out in solving all the issues.