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How to Export Gmail Emails to Microsoft 365 with Attachments?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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Introduction: Would you like to export Gmail emails to Microsoft 365 account? If that is the case, continue reading and you will be provided with the most reliable, fantastic, and knowledgeable software.

Exporting emails from one platform to another has become common in today’s growing globe. Users are exporting their email to a different platform to take advantage of superior functionality and security. Our research has shown that a significant percentage of people are seeking for a way to export emails from Gmail into Microsoft 365 account. Take a look at the query that is provided below:

“Hello, it has been several years since I started using Gmail as the email platform for my company. Now, due to various professional requirements and the growth of my company, I am considering switching over to a Microsoft 365 account. I have looked for a way to accomplish this task, but my searches have not yielded the correct answer. Could someone kindly point me in the right of a trustworthy method to export my Gmail messages into my Microsoft 365 account?”

In this manner, various users have varying requirements for completing the same work. As a result, in the following paragraphs, we will discuss everything.

Best Technique to Export Gmail Emails to Microsoft 365

If you are considering exporting Gmail messages manually to a Microsoft 365 account, the answer is no. There is no direct manual approach for doing this activity. To achieve this, you must use specialized software to export Gmail emails. One such a program is the 4n6 Gmail Backup Wizard. It is a widely recommended program for exporting Gmail emails with their attributes to Microsoft 365. With this amazing software, you can easily accomplish this task without facing hassle. Also, with this app, you can export Gmail emails to another savings such as PDF, PST, and more.

Therefore, install the free Gmail to Microsoft 365 program on your Windows computer and begin exporting emails from your Gmail account.


Check Out the Easy Steps to Export Gmail Mailboxes to Microsoft Office 365

Once the software is downloaded on your machine, run it and click on the Open tab.

click open to export gmail emails to microsoft 365

Now, the software will allow you to click on Add Account option.

click on add account

Here, you just have to fill the Gmail details and click on Add button.

enter gmail email details

This application will automatically load your Gmail mailboxes on the left panel.

choose gmail mailboxes

Click on the folders to get the detailed preview of your Gmail emails and other information.

check preview

Now, from the Export option, choose Office 365 as file saving option.

choose office 365 account

Enter the credentials of your Office 365 account and click on Save button to begin the process.

export option

The app initiates the transfer of email messages from Gmail to the Microsoft 365 account. This operation will just require a few seconds of your time.

What Are the Advantages of this Gmail to Microsoft 365 Software?

  • Batch Export Gmail Account Data: This app facilitates the simultaneous export of many Gmail messages to Microsoft 365. This remarkable program will save you time and effort.
  • Export Gmail Emails with Attachments: This is the most effective method for transferring emails from Gmail to a Microsoft 365 account. The application facilitates the export of emails together with any attachments in a successful manner.
  • Preview Gmail Email Messages: This amazing software provides the detailed preview of Gmail messages. You can preview Gmail messages, attachments, and other information.
  • Export Email Headers Information: With the assistance of this leading tool, it is simple to export emails from Gmail to a Microsoft 365 account. The software allows for the exporting of emails complete with all of the header information.
  • Directly Export Data into Microsoft 365: We all know manually it is not possible to directly export data. The software directly export Gmail emails to Microsoft 365 account without facing hassle.

The Conclusion

This article addresses the issue of how to move email from Office 365 to Gmail. The expert approach makes it easy for users to carry out this migration procedure. The advanced tool is user-friendly and equipped with several extra capabilities that enable selective migration. Also, the software has the ability to export Gmail emails to Microsoft 365 along with all the properties.

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