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How to Export AOL Emails to MBOX with Attachments on Windows?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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6 Minutes Reading

Overview: In this informative post, learn about the best solution to export AOL emails to MBOX format without facing hassle.

Users who communicate via email are switching from one platform to another for a variety of personal and business-related reasons. We are all aware that several cloud and desktop email providers are accessible. Users are migrating from cloud to desktop and vice versa. Our support team received a request to export AOL emails to MBOX format recently. Please review the following query:

“Hello, I need to convert a big number of AOL emails into MBOX format. I have searched online for a solution, but none has been found. I must complete this assignment for personal reasons, and it is really essential to me. Please provide me with a solution to export AOL emails to MBOX in bulk. I will be grateful to you.”

After receiving the above query, our team suggest him to use AOL Mail Backup Application for Windows. With this app, he got the accurate conversion.

Therefore, we chose to discuss this question for people who need to export AOL emails to MBOX but cannot locate a solution.

About This Powerful AOL to MBOX Solution

This application was designed for both technical and non-technical users. First, it offers a very straightforward graphical user interface. Therefore, when a user begins exporting emails, they will not become stuck. With this application, users may export an unlimited number of AOL email messages to MBOX format without risking data loss. We claim that our application is well tested and risk-free. It will deliver the most exact and secure conversion possible.

With the help of this app, users can export single or bulk AOL data to MBOX format at once. Also, it successfully supports to import AOL emails, contacts, calendars, and other information without facing issues.

The finest feature of this application is its free demo version. With the aid of the free edition, customers may examine the whole functionality and features without incurring any costs. Additionally, it allows users to export AOL mailboxes to MBOX. Download the tool now and begin exporting data.


Steps to Export AOL Emails to MBOX Format using 4n6 Software

1. Install and run this app properly on your computer and click on the Open from the first screen.

click open to export aol emails to mbox

2. Now, click on the Add account option.

click on add account

Here, you just have to enter the login details of your AOL mail account then add.

enter login details

3. Once you click add it will load your AOL mailboxes on the left panel. Now, click on it and check preview of emails.

check preview

4. Now, click on Export option and select MBOX as the saving.

choose mbox

5. In order to get started, you’ll need to check the folders, choose the appropriate destination path, and then click the Save button.

saving process

The program initiates the export of emails from AOL to the MBOX format. In addition, the conversion procedure will just take a few seconds to complete.

Feel Free to Use

When a customer has to export their AOL emails to MBOX, they constantly consider about protecting their privacy. We are aware of this problem. Therefore, it is recommended that you relax and enjoy yourself while using this AOL to MBOX program. This solution, which we guarantee will provide you with the correct conversion, is available now. Additionally, the program offers a plethora of advance capabilities, some of which are detailed below.

View the Advanced Features of the AOL to MBOX Software

  • Batch Conversion Feature: This solution allows for the secure export of many AOL emails to MBOX format at once. You do not need to repeatedly browse your AOL mails to make the conversion.
  • Export Email Attachments: It is the most effective option that may be of assistance to any user. Users of this program are afforded the ability to export their AOL emails along with any attachments to the MBOX file format with ease.
  • Convert Selected AOL Mailboxes: All AOL mailboxes are loaded on the left side. Now, the application enables you to select only the folders whose contents you wish to export. This is excellent for exporting certain AOL mailboxes to MBOX on demand.
  • Preview & Export All AOL Properties: Using this app, users can easily preview and export AOL content, email headers, attachments, and other information to MBOX format.
  • MBOX Platform Not Required: AOL to MBOX Software is completely standalone. There is no need to install MBOX supportive application to perform the conversion process.
  • Choose the Destination Path: This amazing application allows you to select the needed destination location. This function will allow you to effortlessly store the output to the specified location. Additionally, it will facilitate access to and management of results.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question 1 – Does the app allow me to save AOL email attachments?

Answer 1 – Yes, the software has the separate option to save email attachments from AOL mail account.

Question 2 – Can I use this app to preview hex values of my AOL emails?

Answer 2 – Yes, this application provides the complete preview of AOL Mail data like email, hex values, headers and more.

Question 3 – Is this application is operable on Windows 10 machine?

Answer 3 – Yes, you can run this AOL to MBOX Software on Windows 11, 10, and earlier editions.

Question 4 – How do I convert AOL emails with headers to MBOX using your software?

Answer 4 – Once you choose the option MBOX as saving, you will see the option to “include email headers” below. If you tick this box, the software will immediately begin converting your AOL emails into MBOX format while preserving the header information.

Question 5 – Can I use this solution to export AOL emails to cloud-based services?

Answer 5 – Yes, it allow you to export AOL emails to multiple savings like Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and more.

Wrap Up

Hope you are now familiar with one of the most effective solutions for converting AOL emails to the MBOX format. The program that we have recommended is efficient, risk-free, and immediate in its results. Users are able to export their AOL emails, contacts, attachments, calendars, and other data with the help of this service. Additionally, there is no danger involved with this technique, and it will provide you precise results. You won’t have to go through any trouble to obtain a comprehensive and reliable result when you use this program.