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How to Export All Gmail Emails to Another Gmail Account in Batch?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: In this 4n6 article, we will capture the query “how to export complete Gmail emails to another Gmail account” within few minutes.

Hey, have you recently created a new Gmail email account for any personal or business reason? This does not mean that you are required to delete all of your previous emails from old Gmail. Yes, you may keep both of your email accounts or can easily export all gmail emails to another gmail account.

You can import all of your previous Gmail messages onto the new account if you are required to utilize the new Gmail account. In this article, you will get the accurate answer to export Gmail emails to another account.

So, would you like to know about the software? Continue reading.

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How to Export All Gmail Emails to Another Gmail Account?

If you wish to export all of your Gmail messages to another account, it is recommended that you use the 4n6 Gmail Backup Application. This tool allows users to export their whole Gmail account into another Gmail account. Therefore, if you intend to entirely abandon your previous Gmail account, this tool will be of great assistance. With this amazing tool, one can easily export Gmail emails along with their properties.

In addition, this app’s user interface is among its top features. This program may be utilized without difficulty by both technical and non-technical users. Additionally, you need just follow the procedures we will mention in the article. But first, let’s examine why professional software is preferable.

Why Choose Professional Software Over Manual Method?

You are unable to export all of your Gmail messages to another Gmail account using the manual method. In order to do so, you will need to choose Gmail emails many times. However, with the assistance of a professional program, you are able to export all of the data simultaneously.

The manual method required to export all of your Gmail messages to another Gmail account is not only time-consuming but also extensive. When you simply need to export a small number of emails from Gmail, this approach is perfect.

In addition, you will need the assistance of a technician in order to complete this procedure manually. If you do not have the necessary technical skills, please seek the assistance of a professional, as you cannot afford to risk losing your data. On the other hand, our solution has a very simple UI. Non-Technical users can also use this software without facing any type of hassle.

Now, Let’s Take A Look the Working Process of the Software

1. Firstly, download the app on your Windows OS from the below button.


2. Run the application and click on the Open option provided on the top.

click open to export all gmail emails to another gmail account

3. Now, from the provided drop-down options, choose Add Account.

click add account

4. Enter the email address and password of your Gmail account and click on Add button.

enter gmail credentials

5. Once you click Add, this app will automatically load your Gmail mailboxes on the left panel.

folder preview

6. You can click on the mailboxes to get the detailed preview of each email messages.

message preview

7. Now, click on the Export option and please choose Gmail as file saving.

choose gmail option

8. Enter the credentials of your Gmail account and click on the Save button.

export process

By follow the above-mentioned steps, one can easily export all Gmail emails to another Gmail account. Please wait until the process completes.

Once you got the completion message, login to your new Gmail account and check all the emails.

You may now keep your emails in both accounts or delete them from your previous Gmail account to clear up space.

Amazing and Eye-Catching Features List of the Software

  • Bulk Export: With this app, you can bulk export multiple Gmail emails to Another Gmail account at once.
  • Export Attachments: The software allows users to export all Gmail emails to another Gmail account with attachments.
  • Message Headers: With this app, you can export Gmail emails including header information.
  • Check Detailed Preview: This amazing app is useful for Forensics Investigator as it provides the detailed preview of emails.
  • Selective Export: Also, the app is useful for users who just need to export selected Gmail emails to another Gmail account.
  • Standalone Application: This app is standalone. You don’t need to download and run any supportive app to accomplish this task.
  • Maintains Details: When you start exporting all Gmail emails to another Gmail account, the app maintains all the properties.

Let’s Conclude the Post

There can be many reasons arises when a user needs to export all Gmail emails to another Gmail account. We have covered this topic in above content and provided the best method. Also, here we have suggested manually it is not possible to export all the Gmail messages. The manual technique is only suitable for certain emails. Therefore, start the process of exporting your emails by using the program that was suggested. You will find that the program that was suggested to you is really useful.