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How to Download Email Addresses from Opera Mail Account Easily ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

It’s kind of difficult task to download email addresses from Opera Mail, especially when there are thousands or many more. But listen, you don’t have to worry now, we are here now to tell you how to turn this tough task into fun-loving ones. Are you ready? So let’s go over the journey.

Hello, I am configured with Opera Mail and now, due to current work requirements, I need to download email addresses from Opera Mail. I have no idea how to download them all at once in a short period of time. So please help me get a suitable solution for this.  Thank You.

Do you have the same situation? We mean it is known that anyone can download the email addresses one by one, when it comes to bulk downloads all users become hopeless. Such a request is received by our support team from one of our users who used our previous products for a different problem, so the user believes that we can solve that problem too.

Do you believe in us too? Okay then let us fulfil your request. We offer you one of the most satisfying solutions for you. So get ready to accomplish the goal.

Professional Tool to Download Email Addresses from Opera Mail

The solution that we offer you is entirely according to your comfort, which gives you all the ease and makes this task easier for you. 4n6 Opera Mail Converter App is the solution we talked about. With this application, you can easily download email addresses from Opera Mail for you.

This application is full of advantages as the tool contains many functions that will make your trip more comfortable and that you can use for different purposes. We strongly encourage you to go through these features to get to know the tool better.

Before that, we’d like to offer you the step-by-step process you need to follow to download email addresses from Opera Mail. This process is a must for you because when are you actually going to do the task; this guide will help you completely.

Complete Procedure for Downloading Bulk Email Addresses from Opera Mail

  • First, download the Opera Mail Email Address Extractor from the supplied URL to your computer.


  • Prepare to install the programme by agreeing to certain terms and conditions, and then start it after the setup is complete. After that, choose the Open tab.


  • Select Opera Mail Accounts from the Desktop Email Clients drop-down menu.


  • The tool’s left pane now shows that all of the folders connected with the specified account have been loaded.


  • Then choose Email Addresses from the drop-down list on the Extract tab.


  • Browse to the location, then choose the ultimate destination for your email address from the drop-down menu above the right pane.


Your email addresses from selected mailboxes will now be downloaded in a few moments. And once they are fully downloaded, you will be notified of them.

This is the only process you need to follow. As you can see, this process is very simple and you definitely won’t have any problems. You can either go to get the job done because you know the process, or you can know a little more about the tool. And for this purpose, we offer you some of the functions of the tool.

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Know Some Features of Opera Mail Email Addresses Extractor

1. Select Opera Mail Files Manually: This application not only allows you to download the email address from the full account but also allows you to manually pick the Opera Mail files or folders. This feature is best when you are not configured with the account.

2. Bulk Download Opera Email Addresses: This application is best to save time as it can download email addresses from Opera Mail in bulk. Multiple folders may be selected at the same time with no limits. You can select entire folders associated with the account so that you can download addresses in a single operation.

3. Select Different Fields to Extract: this application can download emails from wherever they are in the account. Since there are many fields in the email, you can choose all or specific ones. You can choose between From, To, Cc, Subject, Message header, Message text. Now it’s your choice which one to choose

4. Download from Attachments: If your Opera Mail account has a lot of attachments that contain email addresses, you can download them too. This application also allows you to download email addresses from the attachments associated with the email.

5. Browse Location to Save Output: The resultant files may be saved to whatever location you like using this program. You are not forced to save the address in any of the tool’s default locations. This application allows you to download email addresses from Opera Mail to your preferred location.

These are some of the features that will give you an overview of the tool. However, if you want to know the tool fully, you need to know it personally


The Email Address Downloader seems to be one of the best tools to download email addresses from Opera Mail in bulk. This application is convenient and will save you a lot of time. It takes little effort and makes your trip a fun one. So we strongly suggest you try this tool to make your task easier.