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Best Methods to Delete Hotmail Emails in Bulk Permanently

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 17th, 2024
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6 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this informative blog, you will learn the best ways to delete Hotmail emails in bulk to start fresh. So, if you need to perform such task and want the perfect ways then keep reading the post.

Nowadays, we all use an email client application to save, organize and manage email data. So, when we use our email service for a long time, we tie up with so many personal and work purposes and our service starts showing space issues after some time due to a large number of emails.

Furthermore, it has also been seen that users’ mailboxes are full of unwanted and wasted emails that they never wanted or desired. Thus, different situations arise and the only option left is to delete data.

As we have mentioned, today’s topic is for Hotmail users who are facing such problems and need to delete Hotmail emails. So, lets begin by mentioning the common reasons.

Why Delete Unwanted Hotmail Emails?

  • If your Hotmail mailboxes are completely full of messy emails, you will have trouble finding the important and desired email.
  • Deleting Hotmail emails allows users to start from clean state and focus only on new conversations and important tasks.
  • Many of the Hotmail emails are outdated, irrelevant or no longer useful and it is time to delete them for good efficiency.
  • Some users need to delete some personal and confidential emails from their account to not authorize access.
  • When your Hotmail account mailboxes are completely full of data, they will start processing slowly. You will face the performance issues.
  • Deleting old emails from Hotmail will help you manage your email account updated and more effectively.

These are the most common reasons why you need to delete Hotmail emails.

Best Methods to Delete Hotmail Emails in Bulk

Deleting emails from Hotmail is possible in many ways. Mass deletion is only possible in some ways. In the content below, we will explain all the processes that allow you to delete emails from Hotmail. Choose the method that suits your needs.

Method 1: Using the Hotmail Web-Interface

  • Open the web browser you need, such as Chrome, Firefox, and more, on your computer.
  • Type Hotmail.com or Outlook.com in the address bar and click the Enter button.
  • Now, enter the correct login credentials of your Hotmail account and click on Sign In.
  • After logging in, you will be taken to Hotmail mailboxes. Here, you need to select the required emails that you need to delete and click on the Delete button.

That’s it. This is how you can delete Hotmail emails using web-browser.


  • You can directly access and delete from any web-browser.
  • Provides a very user-friendly interface to delete emails.
  • Offers several features for shorting and organizing the emails.


  • Deleting large emails from Hotmail can be time-consuming.
  • Frequent updating will be necessary to ensure all emails are deleted.
  • You can’t apply filters to delete Hotmail emails by year, time, and more.

Method 2: Delete Hotmail Emails Using the Other Email Clients

To delete data from Hotmail mailboxes using email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook, follow the steps below:

  • Launch email client application like Thunderbird or Outlook to access your Hotmail email account.
  • If you have already done so, log in to your Hotmail account. It involves entering the email address and password.
  • Now, navigate through the folder and select the emails you need to delete.
  • Once you have selected all the emails you need to delete, click the Delete button to begin the process.
  • Now, all your deleted emails are sent to the Trash folder. Now, go to the Trash folder and empty it.

Pros of the Above Method

  • It is better than web interfaces to delete Hotmail emails.
  • Allows you to access your Hotmail emails offline.
  • Free of cost method to delete Hotmail emails.

Cons of the Method

  • Requires email client configuration.
  • Some features may vary depending on the version.
  • The processes do not guarantee complete elimination.
  • Doesn’t allow you to delete Hotmail emails from selective folders at once.

Method 3: Remove Hotmail Emails Using Email Filters and Rules

  • Login to your Hotmail email account and click the Settings option.
  • Look for the option labeled “Rules” or “Filters” or something similar. This is where you can easily create the rules to manage your incoming mails.
  • Choose the option which allows you to create the new rule and then Click the Create New Rule.
  • Now, in the Rule creation interface, please specify the conditions. For example, if you need to delete specify senders emails, you have to specify the senders email address.
  • After setting up all the conditions, specify the action you need to take and delete all the emails.

Advantages of this Method

  • This method automate the process of deletion based on the specified filters.
  • It saves the time by automatically deleting Hotmail emails.


  • Requires initial configuration to define rules.
  • The process is long since several steps must be followed to apply the rules.
  • You may accidentally delete some important emails.

Method 4: Use Expert Software

If you do not want any kind of limitation and want hassle-free removal, it is suggested to use the professional software. One such application that we have developed is the 4n6 MailRaser Tool. This application easily overcomes all the limitations of manual and other methods.


Advantages of Using Professional App to Delete Bulk Hotmail Emails

  • Ability to bulk delete Hotmail emails at once to save time.
  • You can easily delete selective emails from Hotmail mailboxes as per your needs.
  • With this app, you can easily delete Hotmail emails per year.
  • It comes with a very simple graphical user interface.
  • There are no file size limitations to delete Hotmail emails from different mailboxes.
  • Once Hotmail emails disappear, they will never come back.
  • The application is completely tried and tested to perform the smooth and complete deletion.

Disadvantages of the professional Tool

  • There are no such disadvantages of this software. Only the free edition of the app allows you to delete 10 emails from each folder. This is just the limitation.

The Conclusion

In today’s blog, we have captured the most frequently asked query on how to delete Hotmail emails in bulk. Here, we have explained all the best and possible methods to accomplish this task. All methods are tried and tested. So, read all the pros and cons of the method and select the one that suits your needs.