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How to Convert Text to PNG Image File – Best Solution

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 20th, 2022
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Summary: Are you guys facing issues in completing the task of convert text to png image? If your answer is yes then, this blog post is important for you guys. Stay tuned with us and read complete blog for more information.

User Query: Hello, I’m an IT professional at a local business and have a client who wants to convert Text to PNG at once so as to view them easily. My client was looking for solution to perform the task. But due to some reasons he was unable to get the perfect solution. Since the manual approach for this issue has several drawbacks, please offer me a corresponding program to convert text to png image.

Thanks in advance!!!

  • Ray, New York City

As mentioned above there are several limitation which users have to face while using manual solution. Some of them are mentioned here.

What are the Limitations of Using Manual Approach ?

Before we start explaining the automated procedure, read the demerits of the manual approach:

  1. The manual solutions are slow-moving in nature. Users will have zero productivity in investing time in manual techniques.
  2. Domestic users will have to face issues at the time of using this technique to turn TXT to PNG. They will not be able to use the manual solution as it contains a lot of technicalities and novice users are not familiar with these technical approaches.
  3. By using a manual solution to convert TXT to PNG image format, a user will not be able to get complete accuracy in results.

The Direct Solution to Convert Text to PNG Image – Professional Approach

4n6 Document Converter Software is an affordable and easier solution to convert Text to PNG image format in bulk and selective form. It has a lot of effective features which will help users to make the conversion both accurate and reliable as well. With the help of this program, users can easily accomplish the task of how to convert text to transparent PNG in a technical way. Also, it provides a direct option to export text to PNG file format.


Both technical and domestic users will be able to perform this task by using this effective Text to PNG Converter Application. Users can easily move single as well as multiple Text files to PNG format by using this program.

Why to Use Text File Converter – Benefits of Software

In this professional tool user will get multiple benefits for accomplishing this task. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Provides clean results:- The users can change Text to PNG with transparency as this software can detect any viruses or malware infection during the entire conversion.
  • Batch conversion facility:- This tool can convert Text to PNG image in batch so as to gain the efficiency of conversion process. You can also convert multiple Text images to PNG in a single processing. It will save a lot of user’s time and efforts.
  • Selectively export Text to PNG File :- With this 4n6 Text to PNG converter, you can selectively choose files for converting Text files to PNG.
  • Select required destination path:- It provides freedom to convert Text to PNG and save it at a desired destination path. You can browse a target image saving path by taping on the browse button.
  • Swift conversion:- This software has been programmed with advanced algorithms. Hence, you can transfer unlimited Text to PNG images with fasted speed.
  • Offline Software Solution:- This Text to PNG bulk converter is an offline application that anyone can use for converting Text to PNG images.

How to Convert TEXT to PNG Format – Complete Working Procedure

Users have to follow the below – mentioned steps for accomplishing the task without any issue:

    1. Firstly, user have to download and run 4n6 TXT File Converter Utility on your Windows Machine.
      Convert txt to png process begins
    2. After that, user will have to click on the Document files and then select all or required Txt files.
      select text files
    3. Now, user can select the required text files that they want to export into PNG Format.
      select required txt files
  1. Thereafter, click on Export button and select PNG saving option, when the drop-down menu appears.
    select export option
  2. Then, user can select required browse destination path for saving final output data.
    browse destination path
  3. After completion of the task user will get a pop-up box showing demo limitation of the tool.
    Convert txt to png process completed

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Final Conclusion

In the above blog post we have mentioned complete solution to convert text to png image. Users facing issues in performing this task can refer to this blog post. The recommended solution of 4n6 Text Converter is free from any bugs or viruses. Both technical and non-technical user can access this application without facing any trouble. Hopefully, now you will be able to export text to png file.

We hope after reading this user will be able to accomplish this task in best possible manner.