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How to Convert Text File to HTML File Format ?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 20th, 2022
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In this article we are going to explain the solution to convert text file to html format in brief. There are many users who are confused between using available online applications and professional solution for performing this task. So, here we are going to explain both process.

Stay tuned with us and read complete blog for information. Let’s start with a user query to know better about the user’s point of view.

User Query: Hey! I am Alia working as a freelancer writer. I have few text files which I wanted to see in the web browser to edit them. The issue is I am not aware about the solution for how to change text file to html file? I don’t have much time to save text file to html file one by one. Is there any way through which I can convert text file to html format in bulk? If yes then please suggest. Thanks in advance!!!

  • Alia, Switzerland

What are the Different Ways to Perform this Task ?

There are three different ways through which user can save text file to html format. They are:

  1. By Using Online Application
  2. Using Manual Solution
  3. By Using Automated Solution

How to Change Text File to HTML Format by Using Online Solutions?

There are multiple online solutions available in the market which attracts user towards them. But the fact is, by using online applications user may end up losing their crucial data.

Also, online solutions does not provide guarantee for the accuracy of the output data. Which is again a demerit of using these online solutions. After converting certain amount of data tool will ask for the purchasing it. Also, it will cost a lot. So, it is better not to go with the online solutions.

How to Use Manual Technique for Saving Text Files to HTML ?

There are few steps which user have to follow to convert txt to html file format:

  1. Firstly, launch Notepad on your system and open a text file in it.
  2. After that, go to “File > Save As.”


Press Ctrl + Shift + S keys. Now, user can see the Save As window.

  1. Thereafter, click on the drop-down menu adjacent to the Save as type and then select all files.
  2. At last, Type .html at the end of the file name and tap on the Save button.

By doing this user will be able to save their text file in HTML format. Then, double-click on the saved file and it will open in the default web browser.

Limitations of Using Manual Approach

There are multiple drawbacks of using this manual solution. Some of the reasons are mentioned here:

  • With the help of this process user will only be able to save one text file at a time.
  • Time consuming procedure.
  • Not suitable for those users who wants to convert multiple text files to html format.

Hence, it is better for the user to go with technical solution for accomplishing the task and avoid this manual method.

Best Direct Solution to Convert Text to HTML Format – Professional Approach

The best professional solution for accomplishing this task is 4n6 Document Converter Tool. This program has been specifically made for the users who want to convert text file to html format. Therefore, this program is ideal for both technical and non – technical users.


Yes, it is a complete automatic solution which can be used easily by the users. User only have to choose the Text files, and the tool will quickly complete the task.

We offer a step-by-step tutorial to change text files to html format. Read and follow all the steps carefully.

How to Use Text File Converter Tool – Working Procedure

User have to follow some simple steps for accomplishing this task:

  1. First, install and run the 4n6 Text Converter on your Windows Machine. convert text file to html format process begins
  2. Now, user have to click the Open tab and then click Document Files to choose Text files option to proceed further. select text files
  3. Then, start selecting the desired Text files that you want to convert to HTML format. After you’ve selected all of them, upload them. select required txt files
  4. After that, see the complete preview. Now check the boxes in front of all files to select them for the conversion process.
  5. Thereafter, user have to click on the Export button. When the drop-down menu appears, click the Text Files. select export option
  6. Lastly, browse the destination path for saving resulting files. Finally hit on the Save button to complete the procedure. convert text file to html format

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Final Conclusion

In the above blog post we have mentioned solution to convert text file to html format in best possible manner. All the approaches including the professional one as well has been mentioned in this post. We hope after reading this write-up user will not have to face any issues in completing this task. As mentioned in the blog that using technical solution is best for the users to avoid any kind of limitations.

If still issue persists user can contact the live support team. They are available 24*7 to help the users.