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How to Export Opera Mail Contacts to CSV Format in Easy Steps ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

If you need to export Opera Mail contacts to CSV and continuously looking for a solution to it, just stop there, your journey is now over; you have just reached the destination where you can get the most suitable solution to do it. So get ready to solve your problem in the most convenient way.

Hello, I need to export Opera Mail contacts to CSV. Opera Mail doesn’t provide me with a manual facility for this, so please help me figure out a way to do this.

It has been shown that such requests to our support team have increased and everyone is asking for a reliable and similar solution. So if you have a similar need, this platform is very valuable to you too. As can be seen in the query, there is no manual function for this task, so we have to use a different method for this.

We, therefore, offer you the most suitable solution for you. The solution with which you can reach your goal more comfortably. So get ready to export your Opera Mail contacts.

A Perfect Tool that Helps You Export Opera Mail Contacts to CSV

4n6 Opera Mail Contacts Converter is the solution you have been looking for. This task entirely belongs to this tool. This application is trustworthy and has been dedicated to solving customer data migration problems for many years and it is primarily chosen by the user as well.

This application can export Opera Mail contacts to CSV in a snap. Let us know to tell you what is special about the tool, why this solution is perfect for this task, and why you need to use it.

We start the process. We’ll start by providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to export Opera Mail contacts to CSV. It is important to know so that you know what to do next when using the tool.

Procedure for Easily Exporting Contacts from Opera Mail to CSV

  • On your Windows machine, first, download the Opera Mail contacts to CSV exporter.


  • Install the tool by accepting some terms and conditions, then start it and click on the Open tab after it’s finished.


  • Select Opera Mail Accounts from the Desktop Email Clients drop-down menu.


  • Once you’ve chosen an account, all of the data linked with it will be loaded into the tool’s left pane.


  • Select CSV from the drop-down menu under the Export tab.


  • After that, click the Browse button to choose a location to store the resulting files, and then press the Save button.


After that, choose a place to save the generated files by clicking the Browse button, and then hitting the Save button. You will be informed as soon as the data has been fully exported. You will also be given a tab to access the location where the files were saved.

After the process, we would now like to explain some of the tool specifications to you. The specs are very important to get through because then you will get an idea of how valuable this tool is, what features it has and what they are capable of. So go through them quickly

Specification of the Opera Mail Contacts to CSV Exporter

1. Simple Graphical User Interface: One of the main things that can attract you to the tool is the interface. It’s so convenient that you won’t even realize you are using it for the first time. Each step is straightforward, and there is no complication to throw you off.

2. Export from Configured Opera Mail Account: This application allows you to open all the data at once and this is possible because you have the option of selecting the full Opera Mail account. This application easily detects the accounts since this application is fully automated

3. Manually Select Opera Mail Files: Not only can you pick the whole account using this tool, but you can also manually choose the Opera Mail files and folders. So, if you don’t have the account setup but still want to export Opera Mail contacts to CSV, this utility may help.

4. Bulk Export Opera Mail Contacts: This application is designed to allow you to bulk export data. Multiple folders may be selected at the same time with no restrictions. You have the option of selecting as many as you wish. As a result, the tool will help you save more time.

These are a few functions that may be used for a variety of reasons and to make your trip more pleasant. There are more surprises waiting for you that we haven’t revealed yet. To know them, get the tool quickly.

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You can now easily export Opera Mail contacts to CSV, all because of the Opera Mail contact exporter. This application is perfect for such a data export as it is specially designed for it. It is easy to use and offers you many other advantages. So, if you want to have a more enjoyable and comfortable vacation, you should use the suggested tool.