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How to Convert OLM to CSV with all Data Fields? Let’s Find

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
September 7th, 2023
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Summary: In this guide, we will walk through different strategies to convert OLM to CSV format without relying on a Mac machine. Also, users will know about the scenarios & benefits of exporting Mac OLM file contacts to CSV format. So, let’s begin the post.

Users often have hundreds of email addresses and contacts stored in their Mac OLM files. One reason to Convert OLM file to CSV format is that users will be able to access the data file on numerous platforms.

The procedure to export mac OLM contacts to CSV format is pretty easy with the right tools and guidance. In the coming sections, users will walk through these steps:

Expert Suggestions to Convert OLM File to CSV

4n6 OLM File Converter helps users convert Mac OLM to CSV format with all data fields including Contacts, Calendars and emails. Users can select the data folders per the requirement to execute the conversion process.

Additionally, the toolkit offers you various data filters that allow you to sort the data and let users save them in CSV format. The availability of the toolkit is freeware with a licensed edition.

Users can download the trial edition of the software from here:


Steps to Convert Mac OLM to CSV 

Follow the steps mentioned below to convert OLM to CSV format with all data fields:

  1. Download and install the software on Windows OS.
    OLM to CSV Converter Interface
  2. Now, click on the “Choose Files from a Folder” option, and upload the OLM data file.
    Upload OLM File from the folders
  3. Afterwards, the software will list all the files in the dashboard, and you can easily preview OLM file content with all attributes.
    Preview OLM file with Attributes
  4. Next, click on the “Export” button, and select “CSV” from the list.
    Saving Options
  5. The toolkit offers various data filters, users can apply them accordingly to sort the data.
    Data Filters
  6. At, last browse the designation location, and click on the “Save” button to convert OLM to CSV format.

That’s all for the automated solution to export mac OLM contacts to CSV format with all data fields.

Prime Functionalities of Automated Software

Following are the one-line functionality of the automated solution, the toolkit is capable of more, you can check the complete functionality by downloading the toolkit on Windows OS.

  1. Capable to perform batch conversion of OLM Contacts to CSV format.
  2. OLM to CSV Converter maintains contact mapping throughout the process.
  3. Freedom to select the required destination location to store the output.
  4. Separate Option to create a single file for all folders or delete old folders.
  5. Allows users to export OLM Contacts to CSV format in batch with all fields.
  6. The tool supports to export OLM to several savings like PDF, MBOX, EML, Text, etc.
  7. Selectively Export files and folders from Mac Outlook file to CSV format.
  8. Convert OLM to CSV with email headers, and attachment details.
  9. An advanced search option is available to filter out the email on basis of the text, phrase, words, etc.
  10. Users can install and run the Toolkit on all editions of Windows OS including the latest Windows.

These are some of the benefits that a user will get while using the Mac OLM to CSV converter.

Questions? We Have Answers

Q) How Can I Convert OLM to CSV on Mac OS?

  • Install Mac Outlook & upload OLM file.
  • Go to file menu & click on “Export to a file” option.
  • Select the required “CSV” option and select the required folder.
  • Next, select the designation location, and click on the “Finish” icon.

That’s how you can manually convert OLM to CSV format using Outlook for Mac.

Q) Why do users export OLM files to CSV format?

These are the following reason to convert Mac OLM file to CSV format:

  1. CSV files can easily be accessed on all spreadsheet programs, while OLM is compatible with Mac Outlook.
  2. The data stored in the CSV file is present in tabular format, which is convenient to read.
  3. Users can easily save any amount of contacts in a CSV file without any size limitation.
  4. Users can easily convert OLM Contacts to CSV format
  5. The CSV file can easily be imported to various desktop & web applications to operate data.

Q) Does the OLM to CSV Converter is Compatible with Mac OS?

No, currently the software is not compatible with Mac OS. Users can download this solution on all editions of Windows OS.

So There You Have It

You can use any of the methods discussed above to convert OLM to CSV format. However, the automated solution is the best choice for users to convert OLM Contacts to CSV format. The software mentioned above is a standalone application that works without dependency on Mac Outlook and offers more than 100 platforms to directly store email files with attachments.