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How to Convert OLM File to EML Format in Batch on Windows?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Do you need to convert a lot of OLM files into EML files for either personal or professional reasons? Looking for a reliable app to convert OLM file to EML format? If so, you’ll benefit from reading this blog.

There are several reasons why users might want to convert OLM files to EML format. First of all, EML is a universal file format that works with a variety of email clients and can be accessed on any internet-connected device. EML files are also simpler to share, store, and transfer than OLM files. For archiving purposes, EML files can also be converted to other widely used formats, like PDF, MBOX, HTML, ICS, and more.

As a result, we are going to give you a one-stop solution in this post that will enable you to convert OLM files without encountering any difficulties.

How to Convert OLM File to EML Format?

There are both online or professional methods are available to convert OLM files into EML format. But, for a variety of reasons, users prefer to use a professional OLM to EML Converter over manual or online methods. Manual and online methods lack a number of features that professional OLM to EML Converter software does, including:

  • Speed: The professional OLM to EML Converter tool can quickly convert large OLM files into EML format. Whereas, the manual method will take a lot more time and effort to convert the file.
  • Efficiency: The accurate conversion of the OLM file into the EML format is made more efficient by the use of a professional OLM to EML Converter tool. The manual method, however, could result in data loss or corruption.
  • Support: The professional Outlook for Mac to EML Converter tool is designed to provide the best support to its users. It provides technical help and support when the user needs it. Whereas, the manual method does not provide any technical support or help.
  • Security: The expert OLM to EML Converter tool is made to shield the user’s data from any dangers from the outside world. To ensure the security of the data, advanced encryption techniques are used. In contrast, the manual method offers no security for the user’s data.

Highly Recommended and Trustworthy OLM to EML Converter

4n6 OLM Converter Wizard is the highly regarded application by IT admins and individuals. With this application, it is really easy to convert unlimited Outlook for Mac files into EML format without any limits. This software has a very simple user interface. So, users can use the tool without any technical specialisation. The tool also supports each of the aforementioned features. In addition to them, the tool has a ton of incredible features. Also, in order to convert OLM file to EML format, you just have to follow some simple steps.

Step by Step Process to Batch Export OLM Files into EML

  • Firstly, download this OLM to EML Converter on your Windows computer.
  • Install it properly, run and click the Open tab to begin the process.
    click open
  • Now, the tool offers you two options to browse and load your Outlook for Mac files or folders.
    load outlook for mac files
  • After that, the app will instantly load all the selected data on the left panel.
    loaded files or folders
  • Click on the loaded files and preview your Outlook for Mac files content, headers, and other information.
    preview olm files
  • Now, go to the Export tab and select EML as email file format.
    choose saving
  • Select the Destination Path and click the Save button to begin the conversion process.

The app starts converting OLM file to EML format. This conversion process will take some moments only.

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Check Out the Powerful Functionalities of the Software

  • The application comes up with the very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Capable to convert multiple Outlook for Mac files to EML in batch at once.
  • With this program, one can also convert selected OLM files to EML as per need.
  • Also, supports to export OLM emails to EML along with all attachments and headers.
  • You can preview OLM files content, message headers, hex values, raw messages and properties before the conversion.
  • Don’t have to install a supportive utility to perform OLM to EML conversion.
  • Also, you can download and run the utility on all the latest and earlier edition of Windows OS.
  • With this utility, you can choose the output location where you need to get the resultant files.
  • This OLM to EML Converter tool is completely tested and free from any type of risk.
  • Outlook for Mac to EML Converter comes up with Quick and Advance Search for the ease of users.

The Abstract

In the above content, we have explained how to convert OLM file to EML format. Also, we have explained the reasons why users need to do such task. The suggested application is reliable, safe, and quick to batch convert OLM to EML format. We assure you that the application will give you desired and accurate results without facing issues.