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How to Convert Horde to Gmail Account? Direct Solution

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 28th, 2022
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4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a way to convert Horde to Gmail account? Please read on, as we will show you how easy it is to move Horde messages to your Gmail account, here on our site.

The cPanel or Webmail account of the website may be used to access the user’s email from any web-based email program. Horde is an example of a popular web-based email client. If for whatever reason you need to export email from Horde to Gmail, you may refer to this guide for the best method.

User Query;

“Hi, I am seeking a method to move local Horde server emails to my Gmail account. This is the necessity of my workers. Because Horde-on-Premises Groupware Server does not give several functionalities to my workers that are required. So, I want to move certain mailbox data from Horde Server to Gmail. Does 4n6 software assist me in this scenario ?”

Best Way to Convert Email from Horde to Gmail Account

Easy to identify the demand side of this equation. Businesses of almost any kind need Gmail mailbox migration from horde-based email systems. Having a Gmail account is a huge advantage if you can store all of your stuff there.

My search for a solution led me to discover that I could convert Horde to Gmail account. Extracting all of my emails from my horde account is the first step in this process. You may then use Gmail to access your Horde mail.

Phase 1: Extract Email from Horde Webmail Account

  1. Enter your webmail login information into the Horde webmail.
  2. Select Export from the drop-down menu by right-clicking on the folder you wish to export.
  3. In a pop-up window that appears, choose either a (Zip compressed) MBOX file or a (Zip compressed) MBOX file from the options. Any one of these will do.
  4. After selecting an export format, click OK.

All Horde emails are now in .mbox format, which you may read. Horde emails may be transferred to other email clients using this Horde MBOX file.

Phase 2: Using the Professional Tool to Convert Horde to Gmail

Using a straight transfer method, there is no option to transmit or migrate all data from Horde Webmail to Gmail. So, to directly convert Horde to Gmail, the 4n6 MBOX Converter Software is the best option. For transferring emails from Horde to Gmail, it performs efficiently and offers a simple user interface.

Free Download

Instruction on How to Use Horde to Gmail Converter Tool

  1. Open the Horde to Gmail Converter Tool on your PC after downloading it.
    download horde to gmail converter
  2. Select the Email Data Files option after launching the program and pressing the open button.
    email data files
  3. Now, choose one of the options available. Choose an MBOX file or an MBOX folder, then upload the .mbox files.
    upload mbox file
  4. The program will display all Horde emails on the screen. You may get a preview of your Horde data on the tool screen.
  5. Select the relevant items from the menu and click the Export button. Then choose Gmail from the drop-down menu.
    select gmail
  6. Enter your Gmail account credentials, confirm them by hitting the “Authenticate Login” button, and lastly click on the save button.
    enter gmail id and password

Features of Horde to Gmail Converter Software

  1. Multiple filters are available for converting and forwarding selected Horde emails to a Gmail account.
  2. Convert Horde to Gmail, including attachments and images in their original format.
  3. Horde email to Gmail tool allows for batch transfer for a speedy response and accurate results.
  4. Transfers all of Horde’s email attributes to Gmail, including information, formatting, hyperlinks, and unread status.
  5. Horde Mail converting to Gmail has a simple graphical user interface that anybody can use.
  6. There are no size or quantity limits for Horde Webmail files when migrating to Gmail.
  7. Horde email forwarding to Gmail is a completely secure and straightforward operation.
  8. Maintains the hierarchy of all mailboxes, from Horde Webmail to Gmail.

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We’ve covered the whole process to convert Horde to Gmail accounts in this post. Both Horde Webmail and Horde Local Server to Gmail processes were covered in this article. Before buying the licenced version, you may also try out the free demo version of these programs. This application’s trial version converts 10 emails from Horde to Gmail.

Contact us through live chat or our technical support staff if you have any questions about the product or its procedure.