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How to Convert GyazMail to PST File Format? Effectively Solution

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 28th, 2022
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In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to convert Gyazmail to PST file format. Transferring Gyazmail emails to PST format, which is the proprietary database format of MS Outlook, is the ideal solution for this conversion. If you’re looking for a simple way to transfer GyazMail to Outlook PST format, read this article to learn how to import GyazMail files into your Outlook account.

Why Does User Need to Transfer GyazMail to Outlook PST Format?

The majority of people use this application since it is easy to use on a Mac. Despite being a popular feature among Mac OS users, some users may find it difficult to manage. Outlook is the top option for consumers who wish to switch to a Windows-based platform. Outlook, on the other hand, does not enable direct access to GyazMail emails, necessitating conversion. GyazMail saves emails and attachments in MBOX files. Microsoft Outlook creates the PST email format, which includes emails, contacts, attachments, labels, and other information.

Previously, GyazMail files had to be transferred to Outlook PST format via a time-consuming and inefficient procedure. To avoid any issues, we recommend hiring a professional service that will assist you in completing the conversion with little effort and will allow users to convert GyazMail to PST.

GyazMail, a Mac-based email client program, is incredibly interesting and simple to use for many Mac users. It was regarded as a good alternative when Eudora and Mac Mail were in the race for being one of the finest email applications. Even non-technical folks will find it handy to utilize an interface that is simple to use and stable. Even while it performs a variety of duties, it still has a long way to go before it can compete with more complex platforms. Managing emails on GyazMail, according to users, is a difficult chore.

Transferring emails from GyazMail to Outlook, on the other hand, requires a combination of automatic and human steps (usually a third-party system). While Outlook’s native file format is PST, GyazMail’s native file format is MBOX.

Way to Convert GyazMail to PST File

Extraction of data files is required for every conversion. As a result, the user must locate GyazMail’s MBOX files and transfer them to a Windows PC. After transferring the files to Windows, the user will need a professional tool to convert GyazMail Emails to PST.

One of the greatest programs for easily for export GyazMail to PST format is the 4n6 MBOX File Converter Tool. It can process emails, attachments, header information, and other mailbox items directly from the GyazMail email client. This program has no limitations when it comes to converting multiple mailbox files at once. Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 can open the exported PST files because they are Unicode.

It’s worth noting that this useful tool is also available as a trial version. A user may download it for free and evaluate its performance and converting capabilities.

Instruction on How to Use GyazMail to Outlook Converter Software

Free Download

1. Download GyazMail to Outlook Converter Software and launch it on your windows machine
download gyazmail to PST converter

2. Thereafter click on the open button and then select the Email Data files option in the drop-down menu
email data files

3. After selecting the option press the MBOX file button and upload the GyazMail MBOX files to the software panel
upload mbox file

4. After uploading the GyazMail MBOX file, you can preview your files in different four modes
content view

5. Eventually, click the Export option on the top of the software panel and then select the PST option in the drop-down menu.
select pst

6. Finally, choose the destination path according to your choice and then hit the save button, Now your GyazMail file will be converted into PST format.
click save

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Best Features of GyazMail to PST Converter Software

This all-in-one GyazMail to Outlook converter was created with the goal of transferring GyazMail MBOX files to the Outlook tool. GyazMail data may be imported into all versions of Microsoft Outlook using this tool. It can also easily convert GyazMail Emails to PST, including all attachments.

  • To create a PST file with two options: From the GyazMail to PST converting process, the software offers two ways to create PST files. All GyazMail MBOX data can be merged into a single .pst file. For each GyazMail MBOX file, you can also create a separate PST file. As a result, the user will have separate PST files for each GyazMail data file after the GyazMail to Outlook conversion is completed.
  • Batch convert GyazMail emails to PST: The user may convert GyazMail Emails to PST in a batch manner using this tool. You will be able to transfer several GyazMail data to Outlook in a single operation with this method. You may also move individual GyazMail files and folders to Outlook.
  • Maintains email attributes: This well-known software ensures that the integrity of your email data is preserved. It keeps track of email elements including attachments, message headers, sender and recipient information, date and time, text formatting, HTML links, and so on. Furthermore, it ensures that the authenticity of GyazMail emails to preserve throughout the process to convert GyazMail Emails to PST.
  • Multiple file naming options: It provides a variety of file name choices for easier management of GyazMail data. You may also see how many emails you’ve chosen to convert from GyazMail to Outlook.
  • Advanced Search Option: You may use this utility to extract particular information from chosen GyazMail files. Search just shown headers, Searching whole RAW messages, and Search between dates are all capabilities of the tool.


We’ve covered how to convert GyazMail to PST in our blog article. The tool offers an easy-to-use UI. As a result, any technical or non-technical user may utilize this conversion solution. You may try out the software’s demo version, which enables you to transfer the first 10 items from each GyazMail folder to the desired format. To transfer emails from GyazMail to PST, please upgrade to the tool’s licensed version.

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