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How to Convert Animated GIF to WEBP Files Format? Complete Methods

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Nick Rogers
Published On
January 23rd, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading
Animated GIFs are a great way to add a little bit of flair to your blog posts. They’re a great way to add a bit of personality and spice to your content, and they’re also a great way to add some extra visual appeal to your blog posts. But animated GIFs can be a bit of a pain to work with. You can’t edit them in any way, you have to use the same file name for every image, and you can’t use any of the standard tools for adding text or formatting to your images. And if you need to create an animated GIF from a video, you have to convert it to a static image first.

Animated GIF is a common way of displaying images. But what if you want to share your animated GIFs on the web? Well, the answer is “WEBP”. WebP is a new image format that offers a number of advantages over traditional animated GIFs. For example, it is smaller than the standard GIF, has a higher compression ratio, and supports transparency. This tutorial will show you how to convert animated GIF to WEBP files.

Why Does User Want to Change GIF Extension to WEBP Format?

  • Google invented the WebP format to replace the PNG, JPEG, and GIF file formats on the internet. This format allows both lossy and lossless compression, and it has a greater compression ratio than JPEG and PNG.
  • The WEBP format, like GIF files, enables animated pictures. Users prefer WEBP files since they are much less in size.
  • It is around 10%-20% smaller than GIF pictures. All browsers, excluding Internet Explorer, are capable of viewing these photos. There are no limits on saving photographs in this format.

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Best Way to Convert GIF Files into WEBP Image Files

4n6 GIF Image Converter software to convert animated GIF to WEBP format, with which you can convert your files in multiple formats at once. This software gives you dual options so whether you want to select a file or select the entire folder, you can select any one of them. This image converter software will convert your files without any size restrictions and without harming the image quality. Let us now read about how to use this software and see how this software converts your images without harming their quality of them.

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Guidance on How to Use GIF to WEBP Converter Software

  1. Firstly, download the GIF to WEBP converter software and install it on your PC
    gif to webp converter
  2. After that click on the open button in the left side menu bar and then select the GIF option in the drop-down menu and upload it
    select gif files
  3. After the uploading, you can preview your animated GIF files on the software panel
    gif preview
  4. Eventually, hit the Export button in the menu bar and then select the WEBP option in the drop-down menu for the conversion process
    select webp
  5. Finally, choose the destination path which your choice and then hit the save button, now your animated GIF will be converted into WEBP formats

Beneficial Features of GIF to WEBP Converter Software

  • It allows you to convert animated GIF to WEBP pictures in a batch manner. With this tool, you may convert big GIF files to WEBP in a matter of seconds.
  • The GIF to WEBp file converter offers a user-friendly UI. The user may convert animated GIF to WEBP pictures with ease with this wizard.
  • This is an offline application that converts GIF files in a secure way. It will convert GIF to WEBP files without exposing the user’s personal information to the internet. You don’t have to start converting the photographs right once you’ve inserted them into the app.
  • Before convert animated GIF to WEBP, you have the choice of seeing the pictures. There is a preview option to examine these photographs first and then proceed.
  • The application has a number of formats from which to choose when converting photographs. Any accessible format may be used to convert any picture without losing any information.


Users must have the appropriate software to convert animated GIF to WEBP. For this sort of conversion, there are no manual procedures. As a result, some individuals choose to utilise internet converters while the majority prefer to use the software.

Using the competent solution to export photographs in bulk is a better alternative than converting images one by one. If you need to convert photographs in bulk, the online tools enable you to convert individual files at a time and need a membership.