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Combine XML Files to ODT File Using Step by Step Guide

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 19th, 2022
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4 Minutes Reading

Want to convert and combine XML files to ODT files without altering the XML metadata? Then, here, we are going to provide you with a totally safe and secure solution that will enable you to quickly combine many files into one and then convert the combined file into the ODT file format as needed.

Many users want to convert a file into another file format, but they also want to combine several files into one and save the combined file as an ODT file.

As you can also see, merging many XML files into a single file cannot be done manually. Additionally, it is hard for a non-technical user to do. Also, if you lack the necessary knowledge of technicalities and meta formatting, it is difficult for you to execute a script or program.

Now, we’ll provide you with an all-purpose piece of software that not only lets you combine numerous XML files into one, but also lets you save the combined file in whatever format you choose, including XML to ODT, PDF, DOC, RTF, and more.

Combine XML Files to ODT Files By Using a Non-Manual Method

There are multiple ways to merge XML Files to ODT files. However, the best practice is to use a reliable tool like 4n6 Document Joiner Software. It allows users to merge multiple XML Files to 10+ document file formats. Also, it is a flawless tool with outstanding performance. You can evaluate its performance and features by installing the free demo version on your system.

Follow the below steps to combine XML Files to ODT within a few seconds.

Free Download

1. Start the merging process by downloading the tool on your Windows OS and clicking the Open button.

free download XML to ODT Merge tool
2. Then select the XML File option and choose the files and folders option as per your needs.

select xml files
3. After that, the tool will start previewing the selected file and folders on the left side panel.

preview the files
4. Then hit the Export button and choose the ODT File from the provided file formats list.
5. Finally, select the Save button to begin the combining process of XML to ODT File.

4n6 Software Merging Conversion allows developers to easily convert and merge an XML File to ODT File with a few steps of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions By Users

Ques1: How to do Convert and Combine XML Files to ODT Files?
Ans: By using the 4n6 XML to ODT Merge tool, with this tool you can easily convert and merge multiple files into one file format. Users can merge XML to ODT, PDF, RTF, DOC, TEXT, and so on file formats.

Ques2: How many files can be merged at a time?
Ans: You can merge unlimited at a time.

Ques3: What is the maximum allowed file size?
Ans: There is no file size restriction in this tool. You can upload the files without worrying about file size.

Ques4: What is the way to get my merged result?
Ans: At the end of the merging conversion process, you will get an Open Folder button. You can click the button to view the result immediately.

Benefits of Switching from XML to ODT?

There are several advantages of combining XML files to ODT.

  • Compared to XML, the ODT format is more extensively used and understandable.
  • People will find ODT to be simpler to open and view than XML.
  • ODT conversion can improve security.
  • ODT documents can often be more difficult to copy and exchange than XML ones.
  • You may prevent your material from being duplicated or distributed unlawfully by converting to ODT.
  • Your papers will be easier to navigate and print after conversion to ODT.
  • The finest tool to convert and merge XML to other file formats and for free on any Windows Version is 4n6 XML to ODT Merge tool, which supports a wide range of file types.
  • If you’re seeking a solution Converting and merging from XML to ODT can be the best option for you if you seeking a solution to make your documents safer and more accessible. Many web tools and software programs exist that make it simple to merge XML files.

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Author’s Suggestion

If you are looking for a non-technical solution to combine XML Files to ODT files then here we provided you with the most trusted and secure solution. By using this SML to ODT Merge tool you can effortlessly merge and combine multiple files into one file without making any file changes.