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Want An Easy Approach to Merge XML Files into One? Read This!

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 25th, 2024
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4 Minutes Reading

A user recently asked us for an automatic tool that could quickly combine many XML files into one without the need for a command prompt. Our team offers the user to utilize our Expert 4n6 Document Joiner Tool to join many XML Files into One after hearing his request.

The user offers us lovely feedback after using the tool, which I’d like to share with you.

“I would like to thank 4n6 Software for providing me with this powerful document joiner tool. This utility allowed me to easily merge my multiple XML files into one. In the shortest time possible, you gave me the best XML Merger tool. I strongly recommend this tool to any user seeking to combine multiple XML files.”

You can find further justifications for users merging several XML files in the list that follows.

Why Do Users Want to Combine Two XML Files?

Users may seek a quicker solution to their current problems for a variety of causes and circumstances. Additionally, manually combining multiple XML files into one is a challenging task.

Check out the user’s question that we discovered on the forum websites.

merge xml files

combine xml files into one

As you can see from the user’s question above, users are looking for a solution that would merge many XML files into a single file.

Quick Way to Merge Multiple XML Files into One

Use this free XML File Combiner tool to combine many XML files into one without worrying about their structure or formatting. A complete folder structure is kept both during and after the merging procedure by this utility. Users can operate the tool without any technological expertise or background. because of the software’s simple user interface.


To learn how to combine XML files by utilizing this toolkit, go to the step-by-step instructions below. Additionally, we included tool’s screenshots for improved visual comprehension.

How to Perform Merge XLM Files to One File?

1. Download the utility onto your Windows operating system, then click the Open option to begin the process.

select open
2. After that, choose the XML Files from the list and choose the necessary files or folders.

select xml files
3. Next, click the Uploaded Folder to view the folders it contains in advance. Furthermore, the left-side tool panel allows you to see the file structure.

preview containing xml files
4. Then, click XML in the drop-down list bar after choosing the Export button.

merge xml files into one
5. Finally, in the XML Export Options, click the Save button.

select save button

The utility will then begin combining all of the XML files and folders you have submitted into one. When the procedure is finished, the tool will have an option to see the direct files that were produced.

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How to Combine XML Files into DOC

Benefits of Using XML Merger Tool

  • No Need to Use a Command Line Process: This tool allows you to upload multiple .xml files at once and then click export to combine them into a single .xml file without the need for a command line or a complicated manual process. This is the quickest method for merging multiple XML files into one.
  • Fast and Reliable Method: Using this XML Merger software, you can merge several XML files in under five minutes, or within ten to fifteen minutes. if you comprehend the procedure step-by-step as we have already explained.
  • Work Effectively in Offline Mode: Software allows you to operate in offline modes omitting the use of the internet. Additionally, accessing websites or online tools requires a working internet connection, and some websites retain user data for later use.
  • Keep Complete File Structure: This utility keeps all of the files in their proper places. for users to quickly integrate the files in the correct order. You will see the identical XML files one by one that you kept before merging them into one after merging the XML files.
  • All Windows OS Versions Are Supported: All versions of Microsoft Windows are compatible with this XML Merger Software. Therefore, users don’t need to bother about the window version of their system. Go to the official website for further information about the hardware.

Follow this Video Tutorial to Complete the Process Step-by-Step

Final Thoughts of the Author

We discussed the best method for combining many XML files into one in this article without having to worry about any technical procedures. The GUI of a product and its difficult-to-understand method are what people are most worried about. However, the software eliminates both user worries by creating the best and most straightforward GUI. Additionally, a hassle-free 5-step process to combine many XML files into one. Start your OS’s download of the utility, then mix several XML files.