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A Complete 5-Step Solution to Combine PDF Files to RTF File

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 19th, 2022
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Combining PDF Files into RTF Format is not a simple task to perform. As we all know that PDF is a Portable Document Format file that can easily be shared with others without worrying about the system’s independence. Additionally, there are plenty of users who want to Combine PDF Files to RTF for some reason.

In many situations, we require a safe and secure approach that can easily perform the tasks that we require at a time without spending too much time on it. Here, we will discuss how to combine PDF files into RTF Files by using the best approach.

What Drives Users to Merge PDF Files into RTF Files?

Documents in RTF, or Rich Text Format, are regarded as being universal. RTF files can be opened and read by anybody, regardless of word processing software, they are readable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Although PDFs are a secure method to exchange information, if you wish to send it to someone who doesn’t have Acrobat or is using an outdated operating system, you may need to convert your PDF to an RTF. Learn how to save your PDF as an RTF today to make sharing it tomorrow much simpler (or even sooner.)

How to Combine PDF Files to RTF File Format Step by Step

4n6 Document File Joiner Software is a PDF to RTF File merge application for Windows all versions. This automatic tool is very easy to use and is more than suitable for all online website tools. The application can also be used for merging and switching PDF Files to RTF File format by only using a single tool.

Key Benefits of this PDF to RTF File Merge Tool

  • Easily merge PDF Files to RTF, DOC, ODT, HTML, XML, XAML, and multiple file formats.
  • Batch combines multiple PDF Files with other popular formats.
  • Double options to upload PDF Files by choosing files and choosing the folders option.
  • Combine PDF Files to RTF in all Windows version compatibility

The Steps to Combine PDF to RTF on Windows

You can do a straightforward combining process if you’re using Windows. Install the Windows version of the PDF to the RTF Merge program first. By doing this, you can be confident that your combined files are secure and virus-free. Then start the process of Combine PDF Files to RTF by using the free demo version of this tool.

Additionally, it will make sure that existing PDF files are combined into a new file with the best possible quality, without any little distortion, and without losing any data. Once the application is installed on your computer, you can begin doing the following:

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1. By running the software and clicking on the “Open File” button, you will be able to import the application’s PDF file.

free download PDF to RTF Merge Tool
2. Go to the PDF File option and then choose the files and folders option as per your requirement. Also, to save time, you can merge multiple PDF Files to RTF Files in batch. To do this, you can go to the choose folders option. After this, you can choose the PDF file containing the folder and click open.

select PDF Files
3. After the insert PDF files, the tool will start showing all the PDF files in the preview panel to Combine PDF Files to RTF.

preview PDF files
4. Now, go to the Export button in the top section and choose the RTF File from the provided list.
5. Finally, select the Save button to begin the combined PDF Files to RTF Files.

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Key Benefits of PDF to RTF Merge Tool

  • Multiple PDF Files to RTF Combining: This application has a tonne of sophisticated capabilities. Combining many files at once is one of these features. With this function, several PDF files can be combined simultaneously to RTF format. Saving time and effort is a benefit of this feature.
  • Get a Safe and Accurate 100% Result: The application is the best for merging PDF to RTF format. The fact that this application delivers 100% accurate results is its most striking feature. When merging PDF files to RTF format, the utility preserves every aspect of the original PDF files.
  • Best Tool for Analysis: PDF to RTF Combiner is the best tool for you if you need to do a thorough analysis of your PDF files. You can use the application to obtain a thorough preview of your PDF files.
  • After selecting RTF as the saving format, the application asks you to enter the location where you want to save the output. You can easily save the output that is produced with this option to the platform of your choosing. You can now easily access and manage the files produced as a result.
  • Combine Selected PDF Files as per your Need: If you have a lot of PDF files and wish to combine PDF FIles to RTF one at a time, this software is for you. The tool will automatically load all folders and files that are in PDF format on the left side and allow you to choose the files you want to combine.

Author’s Suggestion

Here, we explained the best method to combine PDF Files to RTF Files by using the best professional tool. With this tool, you can effortlessly combine multiple PDF files into one within a limited time.