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How to Archive Emails for Historical Needs? Check Out the Guide

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Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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Note: This article will guide you how to Archive Emails for Historical Needs.

When you believe that your inbox has become cluttered with items you no longer use, you can’t shake the notion that you may use them in the future. When confronted with such a situation, you must be familiar with the “Email Archive” feature.

We’re here to assist you. Therefore, join us on a quest to ultimately comprehend how to archive old emails.

What Does Email Archiving Mean ?

Email archiving is the process of removing an email from your inbox and storing it to a more convenient location. It may be handled manually or automatically, as desired, and archived emails can be readily searched by date, contact, or keyword. The purpose of archiving is to create a central repository for emails to which you no longer require immediate access.

Need to Archive Emails

There can be many reasons that someone want to archive emails. Some reasons are mentioned below:

Whether you want to free up space in your inbox or hide it from others, there are a variety of reasons why someone would want to archive their email.

  • You can just archive emails for historical needs and find them on one place whenever needed.
  • The archive can also be used as a safe place to store past documents. Therefore, if you need it in the future, you can easily check it without delay.
  • There can be a data which is not in use but must be retained in case you need that in future.
  • You need to store emails of old employees due to compliance requirement

There are many email clients that give you the built-in ability to archive email. With such a feature, you don’t have to delete the email, but you can archive it.

We’ve seen that many users prefer third-party solutions over manual ones. Additionally, you cannot archive emails from several email clients manually. As a result, in the next part, we will present you with the ultimate answer. Therefore, continue reading.

How to Archive Emails for Historical Needs ? 

4n6 Email Backup Software for Windows is the only solution that allows users to archive emails without hassle. It makes it easy to archive emails from almost any email client that uses the IMAP protocol. With this solution, you can safely archive unlimited emails in some simple clicks.

Free Download

Check Out the Working Process

Leave all your worries and follow the process described below.

  • Firstly, you need to download the application and then install.
    download software
  • After that, please choose Open tab and click on Add account.
    add account
  • You can now enter the credentials of your email account to archive your email. Then click the Add button.
    account details
  • Now, click on Export option from the top and select the saving as PDF or EML

Note: If you chose EML as your file saving, download the 4n6 EML Viewer tool and open your EML file for free.

  • After that, the tool allows you to select the destination path where you need to the resultant output. Lastly, click on Save button.
    save button

Following above steps, you can archive multiple emails to required saving.

Key Features of the Software

1. Allows you to control the process:This application gives you complete control over the archiving process, whether you’re archiving a single email or a whole folder.

2. Archive Emails From Different Service: The tool supports to archive your data from multiple email accounts such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, IceWarp, Google Takeout, Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook.com, AOL, Postbox, Mailbird, DreamHost, G Suite, GoDaddy and many more.

3. Archive Emails to Multiple File Formats: The tool supports to archive email accounts data to multiple file formats like PST, PDF, EML, OLM, etc. Also, this application is completely free from any type of risk.

4. Choose Destination Path: With this application, you can easily archive emails for historical needs. Also, the tool allows you to select the required destination path to save output. This feature can help you to easily access and manage the resultant data.

5. Simple Graphical User Interface: This software has a very simple and easy to use interface. You can easily operate this application without any experts help.

Final Words

We appreciate your time in reading this content. Kindly notify us if you found this post useful. Our sole objective is to resolve your issue. Please contact us if you have any questions.