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Free Outlook Message Header Analysis – Perfect Solution

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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4 Minutes

From a forensic point of view, email headers play a very important role in gathering evidence. The analysis of email headers provides all the details about a particular email. A few days ago, our support team received a query in which a forensic investigator requested an Outlook message header forensic tool. We have suggested a 4n6 Outlook Message Analyzer Tool. This solution is an expert solution in providing outlook message header analysis. In the following blog, we will explain how to view the information in Outlook message headers in one click. But, first, let’s take a quick look at email headers.

An email header contains important information about the sender and recipient that goes with each message, such as the sender’s IP address, Internet service provider, email client, and even the sender’s location. When an investigator examines an email, they must first analyze the message’s header to determine the origin of the message. However, in order to conduct an effective investigation, an examination must be conducted appropriately.

The following are direct instructions for Outlook message header analysis. So, go through the procedures and follow them.

Outlook Message Header Analysis – Familiarize yourself with the best practice

Perform the following step-by-step procedure to Outlook message header analysis in the easiest way.

Free Download

  • Download Outlook Email Analyzer Tool.
    download outlook message analyzer
  • Go to the upper left corner and click on the Open File. Load the data from the Outlook file for the analysis process.
    choose messge folder
  • Choose the folder and click on the email to verify the preview.
    outlook emails viewing
  • You will find a properties tab when you check the email preview. Click to see all the information about the email.
    outlook message header analysis

Watch the video to learn the easy tutorial:

Importance of Outlook Message Header Forensics Tool in Digital Forensic Investigations

Below are the key benefits of using the software for the Outlook message header analysis. So, let’s dive in:

  • Windows compatibility; The Outlook message header analysis software is compatible with all editions of the Windows operating system. Additionally, you may install it on Windows XP.
  • Provide Outlook Message preview; The tool displays an entire preview of a .pst or .ost file, including any attachments. By clicking on the properties tab, you can view all of the email’s details.
  • Save all attachments; It allows the user to save multiple attachments in a single folder. Now, you can share the Outlook email attachments folder with anyone.
  • No need for Outlook installation: The software for Outlook message header analysis is a standalone program. You can analyse all the Outlook message headers without MS Outlook installation.
  • Extract Option; Perhaps you’ve seen an extract tab on the UI. You may retrieve email addresses and attachments by clicking on the button.
  • 100% Safe & Reliable; Without any doubt, you can trust this application for Outlook Message header analysis. It is a fast, secure and popular application. Specially designed to help forensic investigators ease their tasks.

Take a Test Drive

Its demo version allows the user to view the email headers of 10 Outlook messages. With the free trial version, you will also know how the tool works and its features. Once satisfied, activate the product license key to view all email headers in the Outlook messages file.

Some User Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I see the email header of some particular emails using the software?

Answer 1: Yes, after loading the Outlook messages file in the interface choose the folder. You can also enable the compact view option to view Outlook messages file headers.

Question 2: Does the software comes with any file size limitations?

Answer 2: No, the Outlook message header analysis software has no limitations.

Question 3: Can I check the primary send account when viewing the Outlook emails header?

Answer 3: Yes, the software permits checking the primary send account information.


Now, you are knowledgeable about the method of viewing Outlook message headers. Also, what is the role of email headers in the forensic investigation? The utility mentioned above is an expert in outlook message header analysis without any external installation. So, you must have understood how to install the software and get your work done easily and now you will be able to analyze your Outlook message header very easily.