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How to Migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Desktop Account ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 20th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Want to switch from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird? Well, what about your data are you also leaving it behind? If not, then you have to migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird. And all of that is due to the account’s supported file format that doesn’t allow you the access of emails from one account to another. Therefore, this migration is necessary.

Query: Hello support team. I need to migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird; I have no idea how to do that. My SeaMonkey account has a lot of folders in it, so offer me a solution that will allow me to migrate them all at once. Many Thanks.

Reply: Dear customer, here is the answer to your inquiry. We offer you the complete solution for your problem. The purpose of answering your request here is so that you can look closely at the solution and understand it exactly.

On the other hand, everyone who has the same situation and needs a solution can also get it from here. Because all users are equally valuable to us. So be ready for this migration now.

Expert Solution to Migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird

One of the best ways to address this problem is with the 4n6 SeaMonkey Converter Software. This application is the solution to your problem. No matter how many mailboxes you have and how many emails they contain, you can migrate them all at once.

download button

This application is efficient and can migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird in a few moments. On the other hand, this tool is automated and requires very little work on your part. This application makes this task very easy for you and you will find it very fun.

Now let’s say why this app is a must have for you and what values it generates for you. For this purpose we would like to offer you some of its best qualities. First of all, we’d like to offer you the process you need to go through to migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird.

Process for Migrating SeaMonkey Emails to Thunderbird Account

  • First of all, you need to download the SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Migrator on your Windows supported device. Now you have to install the tool and once the configuration is ready, launch it.download seamonkey to thunderbird migration tool
  • Now, click on the Open tab. Click on Email Data Files to select Choose Files or Choose Folders.
    click choose files or folder option
  • Once you select the SeaMonkey configured account, all the folders of that account will be load into the tool, which you will see in the left area. Here if you require you can preview the emails.
    preview emails
  • Now click on Export tab and then select Thunderbird from the drop down menu.
    select thunderbird as export option
  • Click the Browse button to select the desired destination for the resulting files and finally press the Save.
    click save to migrate seamonkey to thunderbird

Well, this process will help you in time when you actually perform the task, so it is necessary that you look at it carefully. Apart from it, there is one more thing that you have to go through and it is the features. These features will give you a glimpse into the tool, so go over them.

Main Features of SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Tool

  • Manually Select SeaMonkey Files / Folder – From the process you may have understood that you can select the entire account to migrate, but now we have to tell you that you can also select the files and folders manually. The purpose of this feature is also to help those who are not configured with the account and still need to migrate.
  • Migrate SeaMonkey Data in Bulk – This app is designed with the value of users’ time in mind. Therefore, this application takes very little time to migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird and that is because it can migrate it in bulk. You can even select all mailboxes in the account to migrate at once
  • Migrate SeaMonkey Emails With Attachments – This application not only migrates emails, but also attachments. Attachments are sometimes more valuable than emails, so it’s not a good idea to leave them behind. Therefore, this application also migrates attachments and all other important data.
  • Check the Complete SeaMonkey Preview – This app is all in one and you can use it for more than one purpose. If you are not set up with the account and you don’t have a supported app to access emails, this app can help. You can use this app to preview SeaMonkey emails and attachments anytime you want.
  • Convert Emails with Message Header – This is completely your choice, you can enable or disable this option. If you want to see the email route, you can enable the Include Email Header option, and if you don’t, just disable it.

These features are only intended to give you an overview of the tool. If you want to know it completely, you have to meet it in person.

In Conclusion

Migrating data has never been easier, but now it has become possible due to the SeaMonkey Migrator. This application is just perfect to migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird easily and quickly. It has so many features for you to use for different purposes, and it gives you a pleasant journey. To achieve this goal in an easy way, you have to try our suggested app.