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How to Migrate Opera Mailboxes to Yahoo Email Account in Simple Clicks ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
Reading Time
5 Minutes

Yahoo is one of the best cloud platforms for handling email communications. It gives you the flexibility to access emails and so many other benefits. So, if you choose Opera Mail data migration, it is a great decision. However, to make this task possible, you need a method. A Solution that you can use to migrate Opera Mailboxes to Yahoo!

Hello, support team. Is there some method I can use to bulk migrate Opera Mail to Yahoo? Opera Mail doesn’t give me the flexibility to access the emails and I am helpless to carry the device at all times. For this purpose, cloud-based accounts are better, and I choose Yahoo for that. Offer me a suitable solution for this. Many Thanks.

Such inquiries are the main reason we are here to solve such problems of many other users. Thank our customers for helping us find the problem people are facing today.

From the query, it is known, and as a user of Opera Mail you are already familiar with, the problem of email accessibility, and this can only be solved by sending its data to the platform which has no such issues. Let us, therefore, support you in initiating this task. Let us offer you the perfect solution. So be ready, your problem will be solved now.

A Perfect Way to Migrate Opera Mailboxes to Yahoo

The solution that can make this tedious and problematic task one of the easiest is the 4n6 Opera Mail Converter Wizard. This may be your first time viewing the solution, but we have to tell you that this application is the most reliable and has been solving the user’s data migration problem very smoothly for a long time.

The benefit of using this application isn’t just one, there are many benefits. This application is designed with the convenience and time of the user in mind. Hence, this application can easily migrate Opera Mail to Yahoo in no time. Yes, this application is a must-have for you if you want to migrate large amounts of data in a short period of time.

Some of the many benefits this tool gives you are the process and the many functions that you can use to accomplish various purposes. What do you want to know first? Well, we think you need to know the process first, so if you’re in a hurry and want to migrate Opera Mail to Yahoo right now, you can.

Process for Quickly Migrating Opera Mail to Yahoo

  • First of all, Download the Opera Mail to Yahoo migrator to the computer on which you configured the Opera Mail.


  • Now install the tool by accepting very general terms & conditions. Once the installation is complete, run the application
  • Select the Open tab, then Desktop Email Clients, and finally Opera Mail Accounts from the drop-down menu.
  • All account mailboxes have been loaded on the left side of the tool once you pick the Opera Mail setup account. You may preview Opera Mail emails here if you need to.
  • Now pick IMAP from the drop-down option on the Export tab.
  • Enter your Yahoo email account and password, as well as the name of your Yahoo IMAP server, and then click Save.

As you can see, the migration has just barely begun. It simply takes a few seconds to migrate all of the data, and after it’s done, the tool’s user interface will display information to let you know.

Now you are familiar with the process and must agree that the steps are easy and the process is small. We’d like to show you around some of the tool’s biggest features today. You look at them and have more reasons to love this tool.

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Check out Some Primary Features of the Opera Mail to Yahoo Migrator

1. Automatically Detect Opera Mail Data: This application allows you to easily select the configured Opera Mail account. This app is fully automated so as all of its processes. This can easily detect all of the accounts that you have configured with Opera Mail.

2. Migrate Selected Mailboxes from Opera Mail: When you select the configured account, all account mailboxes then load into the tool. Now it’s up to you which folder to migrate and which one not. You are completely free to select and deselect the mailboxes.

3. Manually Select Opera Mail Files / Folders: This application can easily migrate Opera Mail to Yahoo even if you are not configured with the account. You know how because you can manually select the Opera Mailboxes from the device. This gives you the ease and ability to migrate data in any situation.

4. Opera Mail Message and Header Preview: Well, if you are not configured with the account, you may need a compatible app to view Opera Mail emails. So this app can help you here. Not only does this app migrate Opera Mailboxes to Yahoo, but it also allows you to preview it when you need it.

As mentioned in the header, these are some of the features of the tool and we also mentioned that the tool has tons of features. In order to know them and also to know the full power of the tool, you need to get it.


Now you can solve your problem with Opera Mail to Yahoo Migrator. This application is reliable, compliant, and fully automated, requiring very little of you to migrate Opera Mailboxes to Yahoo! All we can say is that if you want a more pleasant and comfortable trip, you should try the tool for the task.