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How to Migrate Eudora to Outlook.com Account in Bulk?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to migrate Eudora to Outlook.com? If yes, you will get the best solution here to do this task.

Do you know what the most important things are for professionals today? It’s the email. It is obvious that we are using this service for formal communication. Hence, they contain one of the most valuable pieces of information any other platform can contain.

Imagine your computer crashes and you lost all of your data. Even if you don’t lose the data, it can cause delays in accessing the emails again. And this situation can only be addressed by backing up the account emails. If you migrate Eudora to Outlook.com, you can access the emails whatever happens, whether from the Eudora or from the Outlook.com.

Therefore, to do this migration, all you need is a program that can help you from start to finish. We therefore offer you a complete solution to this problem. You take a look at it and do the job

A Program that Will Allow You to Migrate Eudora to Outlook.com

4n6 Eudora Converter Tool is the name of the program that allows you to get your work done. This application is very capable of data migration, especially for the Eudora account as the name itself indicates it.

You can use this application to migrate Eudora to Outlook.com. Do you want to know why this application? Because it can meet all of your requirements that you need in your ultimate solution. What do you want easy to use? There it is, want to save more time to get this job done, okay, that can be done too. What else would you like?

Let the tool offer you some of the best things. The features that allow you to perform the task more conveniently. Would you like to know what to do with the features? Okay take a look.

Features of the Eudora to Outlook.com Migration Tool

1. Detects Configured Account: Have you configured with the Eudora account? Well then this application can detect it automatically. And that’s because of the automation of the process. This application makes it easy for you to choose the Eudora account that you want to migrate.

2. Manually Select Eudora Files: Don’t want to select the configured account? Or you haven’t even configured with the account? Do not worry. That is not the problem. You can still migrate Eudora to Outlook.com. Because of this app, you can manually select the Eudora data from the local storage.

3. Migrate Required Mailboxes: When you select the account in the tool, all account data is loaded onto it. All mailboxes are displayed, but you are free to migrate only a selected one. Just give a check before the folder you want to migrate and that’s it.

4. Migrate Data in Bulk: We told you this application can save a lot of time. Do you know how? Since you are allowed to migrate data in bulk, you don’t have to repeat the process because you can migrate all mailboxes at the same time.

5. Multiple Savings: Also, this application has so many file saving options. You can migrate data to several savings like Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, G Suite, and more.

Do you find this tool useful and helpful? Well it is. We must also state that these are not the only functions. This is just a hint, you can now understand for yourself.

It’s time to look at the process. Which process? That you need to take to migrate Eudora to Outlook.com. Go through the complete guide and become familiar with it. So that when you run the tool you will know what to do.

Process to Migrate Eudora Mailboxes to Outlook.com

  • Download the Eudora to Outlook.com migrator to the device where the Eudora files / folders are preserved


  • Install the application by choosing the preferred language and finally launch it. Click the Open tab.


  • Select Choose Files or Choose Folders from the drop down menu. Select all the desired Eudora files or folders from the device and prepare them for loading into the tool


  • You will then see all the selected Eudora files have loaded in the left area of ​​the tool. You can click the folders to preview the emails


  • Now click on the Export tab and then click IMAP from drop down list


  • Enter Outlook.com Email address and password also provide IMAP server name and lastly, click the Save button


Your selected Eudora mailboxes will now be migrated to Outlook.com in a few moments. Congratulations! You made it. You have completed the task.

In Conclusion

Now you won’t have problems migrating from Eudora to Outlook.com. Just use the suggested tool and you’re done. The Eudora Migrator is probably the best way to migrate Eudora to Outlook.com. This is because of the feature it provided, the numerous features, and the small process that made this application the best. So it is recommended to use this tool.