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Safest Way to Migrate AOL Emails to Zoho Mail Directly

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Overview: You will discover how to migrate AOL emails to Zoho Mail in this useful blog post. Here, we will outline the step-by-step procedure for doing this work without difficulty.

AOL and Zoho Mail are the most widely used cloud-based email services. Both services provided excellent support to its subscribers. But users must move their AOL Mail data to a Zoho account for a variety of personal and professional reasons. And they are unable to locate a suitable method for doing this task. Therefore, this issue will be discussed in today’s post. So, if you are one of those who must complete such a task, please continue reading to the end of the post.

An Expert Solution to Migrate AOL Emails to Zoho Mail Account

4n6 AOL Mail Backup Software is one of the most reliable and instant solution that can easily accomplish this task. With this app, it is possible to migrate multiple AOL mailboxes data to Zoho account at the same time. Additionally, if you need to convert mailboxes to Zoho, you may do it using this application. The finest aspect of this application is its user-friendly UI. This program is simple to use for both technical and non-technical users, without any complications.

In addition, we have included a free demo version for the consumers’ convenience. With the aid of our freeware edition, it is simple and cost-free to evaluate this tool. Additionally, it allows you to move data to your Zoho Mail account. Below, we will demonstrate the entire procedure using the free edition. So, just have a look.


Step by Step Instructions to Migrate AOL Mail to Zoho Account Directly

1. Once this AOL to Zoho software is downloaded on your computer, run it and click on Open tab to begin the process.

click open to migrate aol emails to zoho mail

2. Now, click on the Add Account option from the given list.

click on add account

3. Enter the login details of your AOL Mail account and it’s IMAP Server details. Then, click on add.

enter the login details

4. When you click Add, this app will load folders on the left panel.

loaded folders

5. Click on the loaded folders and preview your AOL mailboxes information.

preview your data

6. Now, click on Export tab and choose IMAP as saving.

choose zoho mail

7. Here, you have to enter the login details of your Zoho Mail account including IMAP Server details.

enter login details

8. Finally, click on the Save button to begin the migration process.

migration process

The application starts migrating AOL emails to Zoho Mail account. And this migration process will only take some moments. So, please wait for some moments.

What Else Can We Do with This AOL to Zoho Software?

This program was created with consideration for all user concerns. We have included so many user-friendly features in this program. Listed below are the most essential features of this tool.

  • Batch Migration of AOL Mailboxes: With this software, one can safely migrate multiple AOL mailboxes data to Zoho Mail at once. There is no need to login or browse AOL mailboxes one by one.
  • Multiple File Savings Options: Using this application, it is also possible to migrate AOL mail data to several file formats and email services. You can easily migrate data to PST, PDF, MBOX, Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, and more.
  • Migrate Complete AOL Mail Data: With this amazing app, one can easily migrate complete AOL data such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and more.
  • Extract Option is Also Available: If you in need to extract email addresses from AOL Mail or extract email attachments from AOL mail, it is possible with this software.
  • Preview All Your AOL Mail Data: With the help of this amazing app, one can easily preview all the information of AOL Mail account. You can easily preview emails content, message headers, hex view, raw messages.
  • Migrate AOL Email Header Information: It is feasible to move all of your data when you use this program to migrate from AOL to Zoho. In addition, the program offers fantastic help for migrating AOL Mail emails to Zoho, including the information included in the headers of the messages.
  • Maintains All the AOL Mail Properties: This incredible application ensures that all of the characteristics are preserved throughout the transfer procedure. Your AOL mail’s original formatting will not undergo any alterations or modifications of any kind at any point throughout this process.

The Conclusion

We are hoping that you are now familiar with the solution that allows to migrate AOL emails to Zoho Mail. We are aware of the importance of the data that our users provide. As a result, we have thoroughly tested our program before making it available to consumers. Users who make use of our software are able to successfully transfer all of their AOL mail data to Zoho without having to deal with any kind of problem.

Therefore, if you are one of those people who needs to migrate their AOL emails to Zoho, do not hesitate to make use of the program in question. You can count on it to provide an accurate and risk-free migration.