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Easiest Method to Merge PDF Files Into One ODT File Format

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Nick Rogers
Published On
December 22nd, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

If you have bulk PDF files and wanted to merge them onto one ODT file, then you can do this combining process by reading this technical tutorial guide. In this guide, we are going to elaborate you how to merge PDF files into one ODT file extension.

Know the Difference Between PDF Files and ODT File Format

PDF and ODT files are used to store text data in a most generalized format that can be viewed across multiple systems. There are some users who wanted to merge PDF files into one ODT for some short reasons. Now, let’s understand the difference between PDF files and ODT Files.

Adobe Systems created PDF files, which are intended to contain media-rich material like graphics and images in addition to text. When a document is fully developed, an exported version can be converted into a PDF to guarantee that, regardless of the end user’s computer setup, the images and graphics will appear the same on their screen as they did on the creator’s.

Sun Systems produces ODT files, often known as Open Document Format files. ODT files are nowadays most frequently discovered when a user saves a document using the OpenOffice office suite. Data stored by Open Office is accessible from any other Open Office product by using XML-based files. The ODT format has been used in some proprietary software created for financial gain since its conception, although it is mostly utilized in free software applications and data processors to support an open and free web for all users.

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Main Distinction Between PDF and ODT File

ODT files are used to show data in a variety of ways, whereas PDF files are normally used to present data in a certain way. Merely serving as a container for data, whether it takes the shape of a word document or spreadsheet in XML.

ODT files are smaller in size in addition to the differences mentioned above. compared to their PDF equivalent. Because the file must keep the presentation setup data in storage, just like a PDF.

PDF the original intent of the author must remain intact in files, as well as all of the included graphics and sophisticated text formatting. ODT files just provide the word processor instructions on how to open them and finally, occupy less room.

Learn Exactly How to Merge PDF Files into One ODT File

Learn how to easily bring all the files together to create a single ODT file with 4n6 Document File Joiner Software. You’ve got multiple documents, spreadsheets, and attachments from almost everyone. It’s now even easier to organize them all in one ODT file. You can share and send more easily this way.

Follow the Steps to Combine PDF Files into ODT File


1. Open PDF to ODT Merger Tool: To combine the files download and launch the tool. Open the tool after installation is done and select the Open button.

free download PDF to ODT Merger tool
2. Add PDF Files: Click “Choose Files” or “Choose Folders” and select the choose the files that you want to include in your ODT file. You can easily merge and combine multiple PDF files into ODT Files.

select the PDF File
3. Preview and Open PDF File: Select the uploaded files in the left side panel.

preview the pdf files
4. Combine PDF Files to ODT File: When you’re finished previewing the files, click the Export and hit the ODT option.
5. Also, Save as ODT File: Select the destination location and click the “Save” button. That’s it and the process to merge PDF Files into one ODT file will begin.

In a matter of seconds, you can merge PDF files into one ODT file using this tool. As a result of following these 5 steps.

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Take a Chance On It

Merge PDF Files into one ODT file and organize your PDFs with our PDF to ODT File combiner tool. It lets you combine multiple PDF files into one effortlessly by only following the above 5 step process. And you can do it right now, by downloading the free demo version of this tool on your system and start merging PDF Files into one ODT File.

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Author’s Suggestion

Read this technical guide to merge PDF files into one ODT file using this PDF to ODT File merger tool. There is no need for users to be concerned about the security and safety of their data. Get the demo version of this tool and start combining your bulk files.