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How to Merge Doc Files into One PDF Format? 4 Simple Steps

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 20th, 2022
Reading Time
5 Minutes

Let’s say you have 100+ Microsoft Word Doc files that you want to merge into PDF, but you don’t understand how to do that. No problem. In this blog, we will tell you how to merge Doc files into one PDF and that too without any loss. Although concatenating multiple Docx files into PDF is a very difficult task, you can also lose your files, so before using any solution, you should make sure that you do not lose your file.

Now you must be thinking that what is the solution that will complete this difficult task of mine so easily. Before moving on to that solution, our support team has come across a user query, let’s read it, should you know if you have a similar problem.

User Query;

Hello everyone! For the last three months, I’ve been working in human resources. The management board tasked me with keeping track of all the data, including revenue, expenses, key client information, and so on. Here’s where my problems begin: I’ve gotten over 200 MS word doc files, and I’m becoming frustrated. Is there a way to integrate many doc files into a single PDF file?

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Why Does User Want to Combine Docs into PDF?

  • Support for keeping all doc data in one place: Managing data in several doc files may be stressful enough. As a result, users may merge numerous Docx files into a single pdf file to access all Docx contents.
  • Easy Data Sharing: If you want to share your DOC files data with colleagues or anybody else, there’s a good possibility you’ll grow bored since there are so many DOC files to share. Users must combine Docs into PDF files instead of sharing several MS Word DOC files, and the sharing procedure is thus less time-consuming with a rapid response time.
  • Preventing problems with Docx files:- As we all know, having many Docx files causes file management and data corruption problems. Furthermore, if you have previously decided to merge Doc to PDF, you may avoid file handling concerns.

Best Way to Merge DOC to PDF

The only software available to merge Doc files into one PDF is 4n6 Word Doc Joiner software. It lets you combine Docs into PDFs without losing any data. Although there are many online tools available on Google to merge doc files, with the help of which you can merge or join your files, there is a possibility of data loss and there is also a possibility of a data leak. That’s why we suggest you use 4n6’s Offline Doc to PDF Joiner software so that your data is with you and you get 100% accurate results.

Free Download

Guidance on How to Use DOC to PDF Joiner Software

1. Firstly, Download the Doc to PDF merger software to combine Docs into PDF and install it on your Windows PC.

2. After that, click on the open button.

merge doc to pdf file

3. Then choose the Doc option and upload the files and folders from your system.

choose doc to merge into PDF

4. Select uploaded files and folders to get a preview in the left panel. Then select the Export button.

click export option

5. Thereafter choose the PDF option after clicking the Export option for continuing the conversion process

merge DOC to PDF File format

6. Lastly, choose the destination path of your joined files and then click on the Save button, now your DOC files will be merged into one PDF file.

select saveBeneficial Features of the Docs to PDF Joiner Software

  • Offline DOCs to PDF Joiner software makes it simple to combine many Word file formats into a single PDF file type.
  • Easily Combine Docs into PDF files without the need for a network. You must download, install, and run the Docx to PDF joiner to several merge Doc files into one PDF document.
  • When utilizing the Doc to PDF File Joiner Software for Windows, no Doc file attributes are lost. You may be certain that all of your Docx files formatting, page orientation, layout, and file structure will be retained when you use this program.
  • When two or more Docx files to joining using the Docx to PDF Joiner Tool, the formatting is safe. It also allows you to choose the destination path for the new output folder where combining PDF files will preserve.

Below is the Step by Step YouTube Video Tutorial for this Process


Now it’s time to end this blog, I hope you will follow what I told you in this blog. If you follow our mentioned method then you will not face any kind of problem for merge Doc to PDF because we have explained all the steps here completely in-depth, if still, If you encounter any problems in the Merge Doc Files into One PDF, you can contact any of our support teams. You can get help whenever our support team is available 24×7.