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Import MBOX to Gmail with Attachments | Top Two Solutions

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Nick Rogers
Published On
February 20th, 2024
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Overview: In this article, we will walk you through possible solutions to import MBOX to Gmail. We will explain the advantages and detailed steps to add MBOX file to Gmail with or without using the Thunderbird app. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s get started with this article.

Gmail is the widely used and growing email service in terms of user base. It provides a platform to access your important emails from any system using any web browser. Many users from other platforms are migrating to Gmail for a better email experience. The case is true for MBOX users.

MBOX is a file type supported by Apple Mail, Eudora, Apple Mail and various other email applications. An MBOX file can store a large number of emails in one file and have a lot of advantages; however they are not easy to access and open. Importing MBOX files to Gmail can provide you with a range of benefits as well as flexibility in accessing the data. Learn about some of the key benefits below.

Quick Steps to Import MBOX into Gmail

  • Enable the IMAP settings in your Gmail account.
  • Configure Gmail Account into Thunderbird.
  • Install ImportExportTools NG.
  • Select Gmail click Local Folder and create folder
  • Import MBOX into Gmail profile.

Why Should You Add MBOX File to Gmail ?

  • Cloud Security: It is widely known that Google’s cloud security is the most secure and robust. Google Cloud is committed to ensuring the security of server data.
  • Access from anywhere: With Gmail, you can access your data from any device. Importing MBOX into Gmail allows you to access your emails flexibly without relying on the system.
  • Collaboration: Gmail includes professional collaboration with Calendar and Meet, as well as documents and spreadsheet using Google Workspace. With Gmail, you can make better use of your MBOX emails.

How to Import MBOX to Gmail?

There are various solutions to upload MBOX to Gmail. However, when it comes to trusted and secure methods; the list is then filtered. Here we will talk about the 2 best ways to complete the task:

  • Import MBOX File into Gmail with Thunderbird
  • Import MBOX to Gmail without Thunderbird

In the next section, we will discuss these two methods in detail. Please look at both and decide which one is more suitable for you.

Method 1: Gmail Import MBOX with Thunderbird

  1. First, you should make sure that IMAP is enabled in your Gmail account.
  2. Now, open Thunderbird and click File >> New >> Create a new account.
  3. Once the account setup dialog box appears, enter your Gmail username and email
  4. After that, the account will automatically configure your Gmail connection.
  5. Finally, click Done. If prompted, sign in with your Gmail account.
  6. The account will start downloading your existing Gmail mailboxes.
  7. Click the grid icon and select Account Settings.
  8. Click on Add-ons & Themes from the bottom.
  9. Enter “import” in the search field and click Enter.
  10. Click the “Add to Thunderbird” button next to “ImportExportTools NG“.
  11. Click Add and OK!
  12. Navigate back to the main Email tab (the tab with your Gmail email address).
  13. Right-click Local Folders in the left sidebar and select New Folder.
  14. Enter the your preferred in the Name field and click Create
  15. Right click the folder, hover over “ImportExportTools NG”, select import MBOX.
  16. Select “Import one or more mbox files directly” and click OK.
  17. Browse the MBOX file(s), select one or more of the files, and then click Open.
  18. The MBOX files will be imported into the Gmail profile.

As we can see that the manual process is way lengthy and technical and also it can create trouble for you. Therefore, we personally do not recommend you follow this way to import MBOX file to Gmail account.

Method 2: Import MBOX to Gmail without Thunderbird 

The 4n6 MBOX Converter is the directly method to import MBOX file to Gmail. Also by using this MBOX to Gmail Wizard, you easily view the MBOX files first and add them to Gmail with all attachments.  The software allows users to export multiple or selected MBOX files into Gmail account.


Also, this MBOX to Gmail Wizard is secured and aims to maintain to data integrity during the migration procedure. You may download the tool now and start importing MBOX to Gmail without additional client setup.

Complete Steps to Upload MBOX File into Gmail Directly 

  • Download and Run MBOX to Gmail Wizard in your system in order to add MBOX to Gmail.
    run the tool to import MBOX to Gmail
  • Now, click the Open tab, Email Data Files and MBOX Files options.
    click open tab and select MBOX files
  • Click on the email in the software panel to get a preview of MBOX components.
    preview contents in mbox
  • Click the Export option from the menu bar and select the Gmail option.
    select gmail saving opiton
  • Enter your Gmail login information. At last, to import MBOX files to Gmail click the Save button.
    enter gmail credentials
  • Your migration begins, and all of your MBOX files are transferred to Gmail in the same order as they were created. You may access the exported emails by logging into your Gmail account.
    open mbox file in gmail

Watch the Video Tutorial for Detailed Instructions

Why Choose Automated Method over Manual?

  • The utility is completely standalone and import MBOX to Gmail without Thunderbird.
  • This MBOX to Gmail Wizard can upload multiple MBOX files to Gmail at the same time.
  • Add MBOX into Gmail with all attachments, headers and other metadata properties.
  • Also, it offers search function to find MBOX emails from specific time period, header or address.
  • Allows you to hide the system folders in the software panel using the “Compact View” option.
  • The MBOX to Gmail wizard tool maintains complete data integrity such as header, subject, address, date, time, cc, bcc, etc.
  • This software also allows you to add MBOX files directly  Office 365, IMAP, Exchange Server, and other services.

Final Note

The blog solves the query i.e., “How to import MBOX to Gmail?”. A user can easily add MBOX file to Gmail account using a manual or direct method. The manual method is way trick and involves using a desktop email client. On the other hand the the MBOX to Gmail Wizard is easy to use and completely independent and doesn’t need you to setup any account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to import MBOX into Gmail with Mail Fetcher?

Follow the given steps:

  • Login to Gmail, go to Settings and Accounts and Import.
  • Click the Import Mail and Contacts and enter Thunderbird credentials.
  • Click the Import option >> select your MBOX files and hit Start.

Question 2: My MBOX files are from the Apple Mail (older version) can i import them to Gmail through Thunderbird ?

Yes. If your Apple Mail MBOX files have .mbox extension, you may easily import them to Gmail.

Question 3: I have multiple MBOX files that i previously downloaded from the Gmail, can i import them back?

Yes. You may use either of the discussed method to add MBOX file to Gmail.

Question 4: I need to add only selective emails from MBOX files to Gmail. Is it possible?

Yes. The 4n6 MBOX to Gmail Wizard allows you to upload selective MBOX emails to Gmail account.

Question 5: Can Gmail import MBOX directly?

No. Gmail does not have any built-function to upload MBOX files directly.