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How to Download Phone Numbers from AOL Mail Account?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 14th, 2024
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4 Minutes Reading

Introduction: We will walk you through the process to download phone numbers from AOL Mail account in this post. In this section, we will give you with the most effective approach to do this work in a matter of seconds.

Are you one of those people that requires to download phone numbers from AOL Mail account? Are you attempting to find the program but failing? We have also observed that nobody has addressed this topic. There is no online option accessible to do this assignment. However, you no longer need to worry. In this blog, we will provide you the step-by-step procedure to accomplish this task using the most trustworthy software.

An Amazing AOL Mail Phone Number Extractor

4n6 AOL Mail Backup is the most reliable and powerful utility to accomplish this task. This is a utility that can assist all kinds of users. This program allows users to quickly and simply download all phone numbers from their AOL Mail account to save time and effort. Also, the application offers a straightforward graphical user interface. You will not encounter any sort of difficulty when utilizing the application.

When utilizing our program, you will have nothing to worry about. Throughout the extraction procedure, our program preserves all attributes. Additionally, you only need to follow a few simple procedures to get AOL Mail phone numbers.

In addition, this AOL Mail Phone Number Extractor offers a free demo version. The free trial is useful for testing the functionality and features of the product before making a financial investment. Additionally, it permits you to preview and extract phone numbers. So, begin by utilizing the tool’s freeware edition. Using the demo version, we will explain how the software works below. Take a look, please.


Steps to Download Phone Numbers from AOL Mail Account

1. Install and run AOL Phone Numbers Extractor tool on your Windows 11, and earlier edition. After that, from the menu, click on the Open button.

click open to download phone numbers from yahoo mail

2. Now, enter the login details of your AOL Mail account, IMAP Server details, and click on Add button.

enter the login details

Note: If you’re having trouble logging in, verify that your credentials are accurate.

3. The software starts the analysing the data of your AOL Mail account and load them on the left panel of your screen.

loaded folders of yahoo

4. If you need to preview your AOL Mail data, double-click on the mailboxes.

preview your mailboxes

5. Now, click Extract option and from the list, choose Phone Numbers.

choose phone numbers

6. Select the folders, choose the required output location, and click on Extract button to begin the process.

saving process

The software starts extracting Phone numbers from your AOL Mail account and you can check the live working status on your screen. This extraction process will only take some moments. So, please wait.

Congratulations! You Can Also Extract Phone Numbers from Attachments

This remarkable application has so many advanced features. The application enables users to extract phone numbers from AOL files. If your AOL attachments contain phone numbers, you need not be concerned.

Powerful Features of AOL Mail Phone Numbers Extractor Software

  • Successfully supports to download phone numbers from AOL Mail account without losing any data.
  • With this program, you can extract all phone numbers from AOL in batch to save time.
  • Also, it has the ability to download mobile numbers from selected AOL Mailboxes as per the need.
  • AOL Mail Phone Numbers Extractor tool has a very simple, safe, reliable graphical user interface.
  • With this program, one can download unlimited phone numbers from selected properties.
  • You don’t need to install any supportive utility to get your AOL Mail phone numbers.
  • Also, it allows users to select required destination path where they need to save the output data.
  • While downloading phone numbers from AOL Mail, this app maintains all the properties.
  • It supports all the latest and older edition of Windows including Windows 11, Windows 10.
  • This solution previews all your extracted phone numbers of AOL on the software screen.
  • The app previews your AOL Mail content, message headers, hex values, raw messages and more.
  • Above, we have highlighted the most amazing features of the tool. That’s not enough.

The Conclusion

When a user has to download phone numbers from their AOL Mail account, it might be for a variety of different reasons, including personal and professional responsibilities. We developed the software after considering all of the feedback we received from users. Users are able to quickly obtain AOL phone numbers in bulk or selectively depending on their need with the assistance of our program.

We give you our word that the AOL Mail Phone Numbers extractor program that we provide is risk-free in every conceivable way. The results that this program gives you are guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate and risk-free.