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How to Convert Raw Email to HTML in 3 Easy Steps ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes

Well, the header isn’t just meant to impress you or draw your attention to this page. We can really help you convert raw email to HTML in just 3 easy steps. Now, you may be trying to figure out how this tricky task can be done in such a simple way, so let’s tell you.

If you are using one of the desktop-based email clients, you need to know that if there is no manual function in any account to convert the message to HTML, so how they can convert email raw source to HTML. Well, it’s just not possible.

Hence, only an alternative method is capable of completing such a tricky task. Therefore, we offer you such a method that can convert raw email to HTML or convert raw email sources to HTML in small steps without any problems. So, kindly go through it.

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Automated Approach to Convert Raw Email to HTML

For solving your current problem about converting email Raw source to HTML, you should need to use Email Evidence Collection Tool. This automated approach is perfect for you as it converts raw emails from many email accounts. Yes, this app supports many of the popular, widely used email clients. Therefore, consider this app as an all-in-one for your task.


It’s completely automated and requires you to click just a few tabs. Yes, you don’t have to go to great lengths to convert raw email to HTML. Just a few clicks and a few tabs and your job is done.

Now let’s tell you why this raw email converter is very valuable to you. We would like to offer you some of its functions so that you know how you can benefit from them and how perfectly you can convert raw emails to HTML in the easiest possible way.

Why You Should Use Raw Email to HTML Converter

  • It offers you a simple user interface so that you can do the task very conveniently.
  • You can select the configured account to upload all data to the application at once.
  • You can also manually select the data. Hence, account configuration is not necessary
  • You can include the email header so you can convert email raw source to HTML as well.
  • It allows you to name different files during the conversion so that you can find them easily.
  • Allow you to preview all emails and associated attachments before converting them.
  • It enables you to convert raw email to HTML in bulk without any limitation or barrier.
  • Allow you to browse the location so that you can save your data in a very safe place.

These are some of the features that you can use for different purposes. However, these features are just a foretaste. We assure you that once you start using the tool, you will find more than these.

Now, let’s get ready to see how to convert raw email to HTML in just 3 steps. We offer you the steps; you go through them quickly and complete your task.

Procedure to Convert Email Raw Source to HTML In 3 Steps

  • Run the mentioned Raw Email to HTML Converter and choose Raw emails of email data files / desktop email clients / email accounts / email server.
    Raw Email to HTML Converter
  • After selecting a folder having several raw emails, you can preview them in the software panel. The tool is capable to analyze complete details of raw emails.
    Convert Raw Email
  • Thereafter click the Export tab, select HTML from saving options and finally click the Save button to start conversion.
    Convert email Raw source to HTML

Your raw emails will now be exported to HTML in a matter of minutes. Congratulations! Your task is now complete. See how handy this app is. Well, it’s all about your convenience as it gives you many great benefits and only one small process so that you can get your job done very easily.

We assume that after knowing all of these things about the tool, you may have some questions about it. Don’t worry, you can solve them now. We offer you a Q&A session where we put the questions most frequently asked by users. So, if you find one that is the same as yours, you can solve it right away.

Frequently Asked Question by Some Users

Q 1 – Does this tool have any limitations in converting the data?

A – No, this tool has no limitation. However, there may be restrictions in the demo version, as it is only used to test the tool, but there are no restrictions whatsoever after purchasing the license key.

Q 2 – Can this tool also convert the attachments with the associated emails?

A – Yes, you can easily convert all attachments with any barrier.

Q 3 – Do I need to download a different setup for this tool to fully export raw email to HTML?

A – No, this app is completely independent and doesn’t force you to download any other tools or settings.

Q 4 – Can I use this tool on Windows 10?

A – Yes, this tool is compatible to run on any Windows. You can easily run it on Win 10 and any lower version as well.

In Conclusion

One of the great and easiest ways to export raw email to HTML is with the this software. This app is easy to use and brings you a mountain of functions. You can see its ability by seeing how this app can do your job in just 3 steps. So, if you care about your convenience and value your time too, this tool is a must to try. Thank you.