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Convert MBOX to TIFF Image with All Metadata in Bulk

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 14th, 2024
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4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Do your MBOX files contain image attachments that you want to print or use for graphic design? If yes, then converting to a TIFF image is a viable option. In this blog, we will explore the step-by-step process to convert MBOX to TIFF. Continue reading to find the best solution.

MBOX is a globally accepted file format for archiving and backing up important data. Many Windows, Linux, and iOS-based email applications use this format to store data locally. MBOX can contain a large number of emails in a single file usually separated by a delimiter.

TIFF, on the other hand is a high quality image format. This image format supports various color depths and can be compressed without losing quality hence also is useful for printing purpose.

Because a TIFF image supports lossless compression and embedded metadata, it is useful for MBOX email archiving. Tiff will retain the quality and metadata for MBOX email overtime

How to Convert MBOX to TIFF?

There is no manual solution to convert MBOX email to high quality TIFF image. Hence, using a workaround is the only viable option. File Converter Software is the easiest and possible solution to preserve MBOX email message into TIFF. This software is fully automated and can process your multiple files at once with minimal effort from you.

It supports converting all MBOX related data such as email text and attachments such as images to TIFF simultaneously. We have detailed all the steps below to use this software, please follow them.

Steps to Convert MBOX Email Communication as TIFF Image

  • Download, install and run the MBOX to TIFF converter on your computer.
    download MBOX to TIFF Converter
  • Click the Open menu, select Email Data Files, and then select MBOX Files.
    select mbox files option
  • Browse, select and add MBOX files or folders to the software panel.
    browse and add mbox files
  • Now, click the Export menu and then select TIFF from the drop-down menu.
    select tiff image
  • Click Browse button and select the location to save the output files.
    select location to save files
  • Finally click the “Save” button to convert MBOX file to TIFF image.
    convert mbox to tiff

That’s all! This is the only process you need to follow to convert MBOX email file to TIFF format. This software is outstanding and makes such complicated data conversion easy. Below we have listed some of the benefits of the tool to help you have more reasons to love it. Please take a look at them.

Key Traits of the MBOX to TIFF Converter

  • Easy to Use: This software is useful for all levels of users. It is not necessary to have deep technical knowledge to use this tool to convert MBOX image to TIFF format. It has a simple user interface that is easy to understand and interact with.
  • Batch Conversion Process: MBOX to TIFF converter is time-efficient and allows users to compete the job in a few minutes regardless of the amount of files. It can convert multiple MBOX files to TIFF at the same time without any problem.
  • Data Preview: The software is not only effective to export MBOX email to TIFF image but also to view it. It allows you to open and view all your data in MBOX before keeping it in image format in TIFF.
  • Standalone: This software is completely standalone and does not require downloading and setting up an additional MBOX-supportive email client. This software is self-sufficient and can convert MBOX to TIFF efficiently.
  • Maintains Integrity: 4n6 MBOX to TIFF Converter is reliable and ensures 100% data integrity and results. It keeps the image quality, layers and transparency of MBOX Email intact during conversion.

In Conclusion

In the above content we described the best way to convert MBOX to TIFF. Since there is no manual way to do it, we have suggested you this amazing MBOX to TIFF converter. The software is all-in-one and can easily convert MBOX email communications to high-quality TIFF image with ease. You can download the application from the link above and use it for free.

If you face any restrictions in conversion and have any queries regarding the tool, you can contact us at any time.