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How to Export HTML to PDF File with Images ?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 19th, 2022
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Summary: Are you guys also searching solution to export html to pdf file format? If yes, then this is the right blog post where you will get best results for accomplishing this task. So, let’ start with some information regarding HTML Files before jumping into the solution.

What is HTML File Format ?

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the standard for creating websites. With the help of URL embedding, web browsers can understand this language and translate the code into various texts, colors, forms (headings, paragraphs, quotations, and other semantics), hyperlinks, and other content like images or audio. Users will easily be able to see the HTML coding by looking at the “View Source” in browser.

Why to Export HTML to PDF Format – Reason

There are multiple reasons due to which users search to convert html to pdf format. Sharing HTML files is very clumsy and error prone due to the incompatibilities across different browsers. But in this scenario making a PDF is the most standard way of sharing web pages that too in a simpler manner.

PDF File provides facility to secure the file with password. That’s why it will be best for the users to export html to pdf file for securing data. Also without facing any hassle every user can access the pdf files from anywhere.

What are the Different ways to Convert HTML to PDF Format ?

There are two ways through which users can perform this task:

  1. With the help of automated solution
  2. By using online solutions


Best Professional Solution to Perform Conversion Procedure

One of the best and fastest tools to convert html to pdf is 4n6 Document File Converter.


The software has multiple advanced features and capabilities like users can convert multiple html files in bulk mode. Also, this tool always maintains and preserves all the elements and attributes of the HTML file during entire conversion process. Download the software in any Windows OS without any restrictions to know more about the entire process and advanced features.

This application can be used by both technical and non – technical users without facing any issues. There is no need to learn any kind of technicalities for operating the tool.

Let’s have a look on the working procedure of the application for better understanding.

How to Export HTML File to PDF Format – Complete Working Procedure 

Follow all the mentioned steps below to complete the task without facing any issues:

  1. Firstly, install and run 4n6 Document Converter Utility on your Windows Machine. install application
  2. After that, user will have to tap on the Document files for selecting HTML Files. export html to pdf
  3. Now, choose required HTML files from the software interface for converting them. select required files
  4. Thereafter, tap on the Export button select PDF saving option, when the drop-down menu appears. select export option
  5. Then, user have to browse destination path for saving final output data. browse destination path
  6. Lastly, click on the Save button to complete conversion procedure of html to pdf. export html to pdf


Client Reviews

“Hello there, I bought this software about 2 weeks ago to export html to pdf format. And the application works wonderfully. It provides me with many advanced features like bulk conversion and selective conversion. Which enables me to convert 100+ html files in one go. Thank you team 4n6.

  • Robert, France

“Hey, A few days ago I was looking for a method to export html to pdf file. So, I got this product 4n6 HTML Converter from a Google search. And the software is the best and most amazing, the tool to convert my data without even losing the quality. Thanks to 4n6 for this amazing solution.

  • Dimson, United States


Export HTML to PDF by Using Online Applications

There are many online tools available which can help users in accomplishing this task. But online applications does not provide any kind of security.

Also, if user have to convert html to pdf files in bulk then online applications will take a lot of time. So, it is better to go with professional solution for accomplishing the task.


Concluding Lines

In the above blog post we have mentioned solution to export html to pdf file format in brief. Multiple users were facing issues in completing this task. But after reading this post user will not have to face any kind of issues in completing this task.

In the above section we have mentioned the full working procedure of html file converter tool. This is highly developed and easy to use application. So, grab the software now and use it for completing this task. We hope after reading this post user will not have to face any kind of issues.