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Best Technique to Download Gmail Emails to Computer in Easy Steps

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes

Introduction: This article will teach you how to download Gmail emails to Computer. In this guide, we will walk you through an effective way for backing up all of your Gmail emails along with their associated properties.

In today’s world, having a Gmail account is almost as good as having a mandatory mail account because it is required in almost every industry for registration, as well as for enterprises, organizations, tests, and other reasons. But can we be sure that the critical information will never be compromised in this account? Simply the answer is No.

It is usually recommended that you create a copy of your critical emails in order to ensure the safety of the data stored in your Gmail account. In the disaster, the copy that you downloaded will be of help to you.

Therefore, in today’s guide, we are going to explain the way to download Gmail emails to Windows Computer. Let’s not waste any more time and get started on the topic.

How to Download Gmail Emails to Computer?

When we search this topic on the internet, we get a lot of manual and expert ways to do so. The manual approaches are difficult and time-consuming due of their length. In addition to this, a certain level of technical competence is necessary. Therefore, if you are not technically savvy, you should avoid taking any chances.

Downloading and utilizing any professional program is recommended to avoid any hassles. One such program is 4n6 Gmail Backup Software, which we developed. This program was created with various user types in mind. The finest feature of this application is its intuitive UI. With this app, you can preview Gmail emails, attachments, hex view, headers, and other information. In addition, there are only a few basic actions required to download all Gmail data. With this Gmail email backup software, one can easily download Gmail emails along with all the attachments. So, free download the app and take a trial.


Learn the Most Straightforward Steps Needed to Save Emails from Gmail to Your Computer

1. Launch the program that you just downloaded to your Windows computer, and then select the Open tab from the menu that appears.

click open to download gmail emails to computer

2. Click on Add account option.

click on add account

3. Now, please enter the Gmail account credentials and click on Add button.

enter gmail email details

4. This incredible program will load the folders associated with your Gmail account into the left side. In order to receive a thorough preview, you will first need to choose the folders that will be viewed.

preview gmail folders

5. Now, click on Export option and choose the file saving option.

Note: It is recommended that you save your files in PDF format since they are portable and good to have a backup in it.

choose pdf as saving

6. Finally, choose the destination path and click on Save button to begin the process.

downloading gmail emails to computer process

6. The app initiates the process of downloading emails from Gmail to the local computer. This operation won’t take more than a few moments to complete.

trial edition limits

What Are the Advantages of the Software?

  • Bulk Download Emails: In the manual way, you must download Gmail messages individually. But with the help of this app, you can download multiple Gmail emails to your computer at the same time. With this feature, you can save time and efforts.
  • Download Gmail Emails and Attachments: This software has the ability to download complete Gmail data. If any of your Gmail messages have attachments, those attachments will be downloaded as well. So, using this app, you can download emails from Gmail to computer with attachments.
  • Get Preview of Headers: It is the best tool to download Gmail emails to computer. With this app, you can preview headers of your Gmail emails. Also, this application will allow you to download Gmail emails including headers to your computer.
  • Choose Location on Your Computer: While download emails from Gmail to computer, this app will allow you to choose location. You can select the required destination path where you need to save output. Because of this functionality, you will have an easier time accessing and managing the output of the process.
  • Download Selected Gmail Data: This application is useful in meeting the expectations of all different kinds of users. As soon as you sign in to your Gmail account, the left panel of the interface will be updated to display all of your folders. Now that you have the ability to identify needed directories, you may select the data from those folders that you need to download.

The Conclusion

We live in an era where hackers are always searching for ways to gain access to our personal information without our permission, and you can bet on it. As much as Google works to safeguard its customers from hackers and other cyber dangers, it’s still a good idea to download all of your data, including your emails.

In today’s post, we have covered the query “how to download Gmail emails to computer”. Using the mentioned software, one can easily download emails from Gmail with attachments. Additionally, the application has received the highest possible rating. So, if you are the one who needs to download Gmail data, just use the application and get this task done.